If you’re anything like me (dear all things that are holy I truly do not wish that upon you – I’m as boring as they come much to my lady’s chagrin) you like to remain active. Activity is one of the things I look forward to the most in life, whether it be running or hiking or getting talked into hoping onto a bicycle (which is a tricycle with two wheels). When the inevitable sidesteps happen and there are stretches where I can not be active it affects me deeply. Probably more so because I can’t drink (as much) beer during that time because I have this promise with myself that I need to “earn” my rewards. Anyway, being active is essential to the overall human body and growth of said body and it would just about ruin me if there were a long term problem that occurred so that I could not move that body in an activity manner.  

That is why we’re (and you’re) going to help in any way shape and form that we can when there is a company out there that’s helping people who have encountered these long term problems to remain active and to pursue the things in their lives that mean the most to them. Next Tuesday, the 18th of August we are going to donate 10% of ALL OF OUR BAR SALES THROUGHOUT THE DAY to the Challenged Athletes Foundation. To let you know where your patronage is going: our friend Angie Scott is riding her bicycle from San Francisco to San Diego (those are both in California), which is 650 Miles in 7 days. I will not being doing that. She will though. And she’s doing this for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.


What CAF (Challenged Athletes Foundation) does is offer grants in the form of prosthetic limbs, hand cycles, rigged up mountain bikes for those once active – then injured or illness diagnosed with the opportunity to enjoy movement and sport again. Please click on the word “here” if you’d like to know more about them.


So, we hope to see you here NEXT TUESDAY to show some support by buying drinks. We’re hoping to do one of these about once a month so keep your eyes peeled for future causes that we basically trick you into donating to because all you’re doing is coming in a seeing us and we’re turning around and taking 10% of what you pay for and diverting towards a good cause.



Part two of the segment here today (is that a redundancy?) is to discuss Hop Jam. It’s a pretty amazing festival with the aforementioned adjective about beer as well as some pretty crazy music going on. I’m sure you know all about it but I wanted to let you know that there are still spots available to volunteer if you’re interested. There’s some pretty awesome incentives to do so (like being able to be there for free and all) but I’ll leave that here and hope that you can join us there.




So – now for the beer that you’ll be able to see on tap at our place – here’s the run down on what you may or may not see right now.



Zero Gravity Little Wolf: I really enjoy it when people tell a “smart joke” and I get it because it makes me smile. Humulus Lupulus (hops) is translated from Latin to be “Little Wolf.” That’s what all of that me studying Latin got me. Anyway, this is an American Pale Ale from the ZG and it’s lovely. And, at 4.7% it’s right in a wheelhouse when I’ve “earned” it.


Hermit Thrush Sour Brown is about to go on and it’s a Flemish Style Brown (akin to Rodenbach that you’ve had). It’s nice and I hope you like it too. It likes you.


As if we even need to mention: there’s a good deal of Hill Farmstead in draft (draught) right now with some goodies from Lawson’s as well coming in this week.



Some people have been asking me what goes through my head when I’m writing these. Well, this week? This. For no reason whatsoever.


That should about blow your mind for a week or so. I couldn’t tell them apart. Now, I can.



That’s about it from me folks so keep on keeping on and I’ll catch you on the flipside.





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