I love music.  

Right now, I’m listening to THIS as I’m type typing away. Strike me where I stand but I’m not really sure you can get a more perfect album. There are other perfect albums (ahem/cough/cough) but that album is just tops man, dig?


This Friday night, sometime after 9:30 in the evening, I’ll be listening to something closer to THIS because we’ll have the Carr (Geza) Collective playing in our dining room since it’s yet another installment of LIVE HOT JAZZ. We’re really psyched when we have LIVE HOT JAZZ and we love seeing you so there’s two things that should be placed in between bread and eaten.



It’s like a unicorn.




And you should never pretend to be a unicorn by sticking a plunger on your head if you’re a young poet according to Martin Espada and also logic must no more admit a unicorn than zoology can according to Bertrand Russel, which is a name that can be confused as either a last name first or a first name last or vice versa. Which makes me wonder if there’s anyone out there who’s name is Simon Paul and when the event calls for you to have your last name be considered first (i.e. My Name is Three Penny Taproom (no it’s not) but when you’re someplace where your surname is the one that people want to put first they would want it to be Taproom (comma) Three Penny) they would want their name to be Paul (comma) Simon and whether or not that person kind of chuckles to his/herself and makes them think, “that’s funny, that’s not my name but it reminds me of a song or something.”



But, I progress.


Aside from that we should run down what you’ll be imbibing on while you’re listening to that HOT JAZZ:


Maybe you’d like a Dizzy Vicar from Hermit Thrush and all of it’s tart brown abbey (Belgocentric) ways and then compare it against the Smuttynose Old Brown Dog’s or Idletyme’s Maerzen’s malty sweetness. Or, you’d like another shade of pale and to cure that itch we have Hill Farmstead Edward or Maine Beer Company A Tiny Beautiful Something or Deciduous Genotype or Upper Pass’ First Drop. Perhaps you’d like a little bit more hop to your game and you’ll choose the Hill Farmstead Society ampersand Solitude number six with it’s mosaic hop presence or the Sip of Sunshine from Lawson’s Finest Liquids or Abner or Madonna from Zero Gravity or Sundog from Four (4) Quarters or Duet from Alpine or Fiddlehead IPA or Finest Kind from Smuttynose and no one would blame you if you do. Perhaps you’ll be wondering aloud to yourself, “Self, what does last year’s KBS taste like in comparison to this year’s KBS?” No problem, we all wonder aloud sometimes, it’s not against the grain. Oh, and we have you covered. Same color but a quarter of the alcohol and comes in a pint and also involving nitrogen? That’s a bit exclusive of a request but Shirley Mae is on right now and that’ll plug your hole squarely or circularly depending on the need. Something sour? Almanac Equinox. Pilsner? Lost Nation Vermont Pilsner. Something in the realm of a beer that’s made with hibiscus, lime and blood oranges that spent a little time on wood with a unique quality that can (in your opinion) only be really found from one brewery? Why brother, I think we can help you out there soigne.


That’ll also save you from clicking on any more links today since the other ones are great and will take up a good chuckle of your time since that’s basically every beer we have on tap right now. Also, I’m really good at answering questions so please feel free to ask me anything. Literally, anything except whether I would rather fight a one hundred duck sized horses or one horse sized duck because I still can’t decide. And that brings me to the pet peeve that I have when people say “literally” incorrectly as I just did. I should use the word “actually” in the stead of “literally.” But that’s not my peever. That comes from sports, mostly. As in, the announcer for the game you’re watching say, “he LITERALLY tore his head off.” The correct word would be actually. He didn’t literally do anything, nor did he actually do that either. Maybe we should just leave people’s heads right where they work best, ok?






Before I leave your vision this week there is something that needed to be placed into the ether like a bunch of fairy dust words; one of ours in leaving us. It’s in a good way but we’re losing a very important cog to the machine that is Three Penny. Derek Wohlleben has been a fixture in our kitchen for as long as I can remember and throughout the various tweaks and changes we’ve had to make in that time. He’s an atypical success story in the restaurant world in a very typical path. Derek started washing dishes (anyone who knows our interworkings will know that no one ever just washes dishes – we’re a family and work from the middle out, rather than the ground up) and quickly made his way onto the line and, in time, through the discipline and hard work required to achieve these things, eventually became a Sous Chef for us. It’s times like these, times when you see someone about to follow a passion that they have, that make one think back to the journey that transpired in order to be where we are today. As such a pivotal and remarkable member of our family for that amount of time we couldn’t possibly thank Derek enough for being who he is, for his incredible work ethic, his sense of humor, his willingness to sacrifice and trudge on for the greater good and for his overall being a really great person. In any business, when you have the opportunity to see someone leave and you think to yourself, “well, that’s a huge gain for whomever has the pleasure of working with him next,” you know that something great has happened. So, cheers to Derek and whomever has the pleasure with working with him next. That and if you ever want advice on building muscles, he’s probably the guy to go to. Sun’s out guns out.



Cool. I’ll see you next week.



Thank you,


Taproom (comma) there’sstillhockeygoingonbuthowaboutthemPhils?