There are events that come with the ending of each great push, each perennial switch that mark a change in course and an adjustment to daily lives. These events are often attributed to the change in season and that’s basically what I’m talking about although it would have been far too easy to just write, “SEASONS, THEY’RE CHANGING!” That’s far less poetic. You know what I mean. It’s the Fall Classic in baseball. It’s the emergence of the sticks on the trees. It’s the first fire you have to make. It’s the feeling you get when you look at your woodpile and know that, well, the proverbial hay is in the proverbial barn except you’re totally talking about cord wood. It’s the first snow fall where everyone walks around and hugs each other and says, “Bon Hiver!” If anyone’s mind went directly to the television show Northern Exposure then, well, that’s why I just did that.


Around here those events are the last Farmer’s Market of the season (the outdoor one) and the FIRST ANNUAL THREE PENNY OCTOBEERFEST!!! It’s next Saturday folks, both of them. So, get on down to the Market and stock up on all that ridiculously fresh and glorious vegetables and such and then come on over to our back parking lot where we’ll be helping you celebrate the shift of season. We have a lot of great Beers (mostly German styles – of course) and we’ll be pouring a really good amount of Lost Nation’s Oktoberfest! We’ll have the infamous sausage sandwiches. We have pretzels. We have an OOMPA band! It’s going to be amazing. So we’ll see you from 2-9 to wash down the goodness.


I’m going to start talking about the beers AFTER I tell you that if you’re a wine drinker (which is completely awesome. We have good wines because there’s an occasion for everything.) you should keep your eye on our list. Slowly but surely we’re introducing some new favorites that we found that we just fell in love with and we hope you do too. That said, here’s some words that I’m typing that talk about beer:


-          On right now is Zero Gravity Hopla! Speaking of Oktoberfests. This is the version from one of our favorite breweries. They nailed it! So crisp and so beautiful.

-          Uinta Hop Notch IPA: our first (that I know of) beer from the great state of Utah. A wonderfully hoppy American IPA that’s sure to build a following.

-          Founders Mango Maginifico con Calor: I believe we’ve touched on this. The name is the description: Mango/Awesome/with/Heat. Yup. Mangoes and Michigan Habaneros were used to make this truly interesting offering. I only say “interesting” when I really mean it.


Coming Up!

-          Sierra Nevada Northern Hemisphere Hop Harvest: the one that started the craze. This is a wet hopped IPA. What that means is that the hops were picked less than 24 hours before they were used. It really gives the beer an intense and earthy delightfulness.

-          Speaking of which, why not…Founders Harvest: a rarity to get. Same goings on for the wet hopping here but this is Founders take on it.

-          And, keep your eye out for a little beer called Twilight of the Idols from this brewery up in the NEK.


As always, keep your eyes and ears poised on command to check out what’s coming up and what’s going on!


Cheers Friends!


TPT sin color y con calor.