Happy Thanksgiving! We’re closed tomorrow…  





We live in a city of dreams. We ride on a highway of fire.




Not really.




The city of dreams part is right but the highway of fire would be completely illogical since it’s kind of cold out now and I’m pretty sure tarmac doesn’t just light on fire in the winter. I could be wrong but I rarely am these days especially when it comes to fire and especially when I’m just basically quoting THIS song because it’s stuck in my head. Also, THIS song has been on constant loop since THIS came out because I’m basically listening to nothing but THAT right now.






We’re geared up for the fact that the Holiday season is upon us and you’re right in the middle of it. That’s a good thing. It’s good to be in the middle of things.


I just wanted to, this week, put some songs in your head and also let you know that [hint hint] Gift Cards make an excellent addition to someone’s day when presents are being exchanged. They can then exchange (see how this works?) for not only libation but gestation devices as well. Also, merchandise falls under that category so feel free to use those trading chips for that as well.


That’s basically it.




We will have beer for all of your holiday needs:


- Hill Farmstead Society & Solitude: we will have many many incarnations of these ever rotating variations of American Double IPAs in the next couple of weeks, basically too many to list off here but I’ll just give you the numbers FOUR, THREE and NINE and let you go from there.


- Mayflower Oatmeal Stout: it’s that time of year folks, which could mean that I’m talking about the Holidays when in fact I’m actually talking about Stouts, especially Oatmeal Stouts, because they’re made with Oats, which gives the Stout a bit more body. They are also made with a high proportion of highly roasted malts, which makes it all black like.


- Speaking of Stouts, we will also have Stone Brewing’s 2015 Russian Imperial Stout, which will be much more in the way of higher alcohol than the Oatmeal Stout aforementioned.


- Oh! And Oxbow Loretta will be on soon and it makes me happy because I love the style of Grisette. It’s basically a funky table Saison. Not basically. It’s a funky table Saison and I love them.



And I love you mean it.




Until then