Every week I try to be as funny as possible and then I talk about beer and then we all go our merry ways until next week where you expect another witty and clever collection of letters forming words that make up sentences that seemingly form paragraphs so that your eyes (as trusted and trained forces of reading and consuming) can tell you what these characters mean and then you chuckle. Well, that's the hope anyway. But, sometimes, just sometimes, I hit a block. It doesn't happen very often.

But it did this morning when I stood to write you all and let you know how special you have become. Usually, when this happens I wander around Three Penny in search for inspiration, something to get the juices flowing.

And then it hit me.

Terry Gene Bollca. Also known as Terry Boulder. Also know as The Hulk. Also known as Hulk Hogan.

And that took me back to the time when my family hitchhiked to the Silverdome in Michigan where we scalped tickets to go see Wrestlemania where Hulk Hogan (also known as Terry Boulder) body slammed Andre the Giant (who reportedly drank fourteen bottles of wine before his event with Mr. Hogan also known as Mr. Bollca) and was the only person to ever do so to date.

And that reminded me of when we returned to our makeshift teepee in the woods of New Jersey. That was a special time.

What does this have to do with beer?

That's the only thing that I had worked out for you this week. It was that our tap list is "RUNNING WILD" which made me think of Hulk Hogan because he used to say that.

Here's some insight into what you can expect on our list either now or shortly:

Hill Farmstead George: American Brown Ale that might just replace your word for amazing. Like, instead of saying "This is GEORGE" instead of "This is AMAZING" the next time you're staring at a really pretty sunset or something pretty that you think is pretty.

2012 Lagunitas Imperial Stout: Why do we let this hang around for a while before we let you drink it? Patience gets you into Carnegie Hall but I might have spelled that wrong.

Lawson's Finest Liquids Super Session #2: Mr. Lawson makes one of the best Session IPAs around and this is no exception. He uses a lot of the hop Amarillo. Notice that I didn't joke around when I was writing about this beer. I don't' joke around.

Go Pats.

The Bruery Tradewinds: A Belgian Style Triple Brewed With Thai Basil And Rice. It took a lot for my "Degree in Humanities and Literature" mind to capitalize "W"ith and "A"nd because you're not supposed to do that.

Anyway, that's what I got my lovelies.

Say your prayers, take your vitamins and you will never go wrong.