For this week [Simon here – every time, every single time he writes ‘this week,’ which he does a lot, he just erases a lot as well, all of us in here immediately go back to his childhood where we would make him wait all week to watch THIS. We loved it. He did too but we loved it more and every time he writes ‘this week’ we all think of that and chuckle to ourselves because we don’t let him remember much about his childhood except for that.] we here at the Penny that is Three and also a Taproom wanted to give you a little glimpse of what it’s like working here.  



It’s great.


You’re the one who makes it great, because, you’re really great.



And while the world outside turns all the leaves to flowers during the second spring and while I’m paraphrasing someone who is more betterer with the wording than I am we’re gearing up to provide you with the best way in which to spend your weekend where you may or may not have the next Monday off from work in order to travel.



That all being longwindedly said…




We wanted to see what you’re going to do with your three day weekend this weekend?



We’ll have THESE for you.




Some of the highlights:


- Hill Farmstead George: you’re in the mood for a Brown Ale, aren’t you? It’s the perfect time of year for them and that’s why you’re in a good mood now.


- Oh, a bunch of other things as well from Hill Farmstead. We’ll have basically 4 on all weekend and there’s a great chance that we’ll actually have 5 and that first part will just be a straight up lie.


- We’re getting 5 gallons of Lawson’s Finest Chinooker’d on Thursday, which will go on as soon as we empty another keg and then we’ll be out of it because it’ll go fast.


- We’re also getting Burlington Beer Co’s Orbital Elevator in soon (Double IPA w/ Oats) and that’ll go on soon as well as soon.




As always, we’ll compliment all of this with the best service you’re ever going to get in an establishment that we think is very pretty.



Be safe this weekend and we’ll see you soon.