Ok folks, here’s the rubdown of what we’re going to be doing for the entire month of December:  

This past Tuesday we donated 5% of our sales for the whole day to the Montpelier food pantry. We are given so much by our community that we’ve decided to do this every Tuesday for the month of December.


It just seems that this is the right thing to do and the right time to do it, you know?


So, next up is Prevent Child Abuse Vermont. We’ll be giving them the same treatment (donating 5% of our sales (that’s for both food AND drink) for the entirety of Tuesday) this Tuesday coming up, the 13th of December. For 40 years, Prevent Child Abuse Vermont has been working effectively to prevent child abuse and neglect through parent education, support and public awareness. Their mission is to promote and support healthy relationships within families, schools and communities to eliminate child abuse. Please join us in supporting this great organization.


The other part of business to discuss is the fact that we’re going to launching our new menu VERY soon. As in, next week, so stay tuned for some highlights here and there to wet your whistles so that you can, you know, whistle better.


One of those additions to the menu that you should probably know about is the permanence of the Chorizo Stuffed Piquillo Peppers. Why am I singling this out? Because on one of my bar shifts I had a gentleman come in who had a wonderful time. We were running the stuffed peppers as a little teaser/appetizer that day and he ordered it. And then he order another. And another. And another. All in all, he consumed five portions of the special and then order three to go, ultimately ending the possibility that we could serve it to anyone else because he ordered the rest of them. They’re that good.


Oh, and two different “veggie” burgers? Yup, we’re caring deep about you.







Hill Farmstead Double Galaxy: when one Galaxy isn’t enough.


Smuttlabs Coffee Brown: think about the Old Brown Dog, it’s good right? Add coffee.


Oxbow Luppolo: man, am I excited about this one. I like the gents from Oxbow. They make the good beer. They also went and made an Italian Style Pilsner (think about that time I gushed over the Tipopils) and we’re going to have it on tap. I’m am the excite.


Also for the psyche bank: River Roost’s (White River Junction, Vermont) Martian Moon House will be on soon with all of its Galaxy and Mosaic goodness wrapped up in a 7% American IPA.



There you have it.



The past couple of weeks I’ve been putting a non-spaced link before the word “Taproom” at the end of each blog post. My intention is that, if you wanted to, if there was a group of you that felt like getting me a gift for any reason whatsoever, that’s just plainly what I’d want. However, that should not be a gift from a singular person, it’s just too expensive. BUT, if a whole GROUP of you wanted to go in on it, well, if you’re wondering what you could possible get me, that’s it.



Aside from that, we’re in the giving mood and we love you all.