Good Day to you all!!!  

Ok, so, there’s a day that today is completely associated with that I simply can not at least mention in a way where I’m attempting to be somewhat humorous (like the bone) because it’s simply too obvious not to mention. However, the actual thing that today brings association is a very hotly debated and discussed aspect that may or may not be forever in your favor or against it. Therefore, coming right out and mentioning it would be polarizing and wouldn’t encapsulate the benefits that this thing actual has and the medicinal properties that, when used in the intended manner, can be achieved when taken seriously.


I’m trying to be subtle here but I fear that being “subtle like a hammer” might work a little better.


So, I’m going to mention it.








It’s Napoleon’s Birthday.




No, wait, that’s not it.



Oh! It’s the fact that one thousand seven hundred and twenty one years ago Halley’s comet made it’s 8th recorded perihelion (which means that it came close to the sun during its orbit – which I should have known from the Latin “Peri” and “heli” and “on” but I looked it up anyway and then felt really dumb for not figuring that out sooner and then having to look it up) passage.



That’s not what we’re talking about because that wouldn’t be polarizing at all. I’m beating around the bush.




What I really mean is the fact that, in 1862 the first pasteurization test was completed by Louis Pasteur (holy smokes! He has the same name as that test!) and Claude (Giroux) Bernard (I remember the fact that Claude (Giroux) Bernard was also there and you should probably too since no one named it Bernardization). All of this is really important for beer. REALLY important.



That was supposed to be a transition in order to talk about Montbeerlier on May 7th at 3 PM with a lot of great Vermont beer outside the shop but all it really made me do is gave me an excuse to also tell you that it’s also the anniversary of the day that, in 1912, Fenway Park Opened it’s doors for the first time.




All of that’s well and good and all but, well, it’s George Takei’s birthday as well and someone on the internet should probably sing him that song that’s copywrited that we’re not supposed to sing in public anymore. Happy Birthday Sulu! Man I bet he hates that.



It’s also 17 days away from Montbeerlier. If you don’t know what Montbeerlier is, you should probably axe somebody. That somebody is me.


And, we’re going to have a BRAND NEW MENU coming out soon (like, two weeks from now) and you should be excited.


As far as the beers that you’ll see on tap leading up to that, you can look forward to:


KIS Kombucha Sour Cherry: we’ve been pretty psyched to have some quality “Booch” on tap recently and we’ve been rotating the “booch” so that you can get a pretty good idea about the “booch” so that you can also have an option on tap that’s > 1% in alcohol.


Hill Farmstead Everett might be (according to the people who rate it) the best American Porter there is out there. And, we’ll be able to serve it to you. Because, it’ll be on tap.


Idletyme’s Marzen (I can’t figure out how to put the umlaut’s above the “a” but I think you’ll figure out what I’m trying to say. Also, it’s better than forgetting the umlauts when you’re in Estonia and you want to tell someone that they’re near the edge of the ice (which would be jaaaar without the umlauts)) will be on soon and you’ll be a thanking us for all of the wonderful Amber Lager goodness that’ll come from that tap.


We also have St. Somewhere’s (Florida) Ete Sans Fin (keeping with not putting accents in the places they should go) which is a VERY wonderful Saison made with Coriander from the aforementioned and apostrophe hugged state.


For those of you that don’t like your hoppy greatest quotient then please stay away from the Society & Solitude #4 from Hill Farmstead. Seriously; just stay away.



Ok friends! We’ll be teasing you with things that we’re serving for Montbeerlier (inside AND out) so stay tuned to our Social Media outlets and we’ll all be on the same page. Page eleven. That’s the page I’m on but I’m a slow reader for a genius.




Until next time neighbors,


Whileyoursignificantotheriswatchingthesecondseasonyoucandothis Taproom