This is the last time this year that I will discuss Montbeerlier with you. I promise. Unless you bring it up. If you bring it up then I’m probably going to have to either A: go into my best Harpo Marx routine or 2: we’ll wax poetic about how wonderful it was. So, this will be the last time that you’ll voluntarily get words thrown at you in regards to Montbeerlier. Why will this be the last time?


Because I could go on and on about how wonderful it was and we’d probably talk about nothing else until next year. I’m sure you’d grow tired of it. So, I’m placing a cap on myself to discuss it right now and then wait until next year to bring it up again. Ok. Take a breath. This is what I want to say, in bullet form:


-       You guys are awesome. Serious. I mean it’s rare that you get a large group of people in one area and have everyone be so completely generous and kind to one another. Thanks for being such great humans. I mean, there was a five (5!) day old there (Hi George!) and his parents felt seemingly very comfortable with the surrounding. That’s saying a lot. That’s a kudos to all of you for being so damn cool.

-       The turnout this year (that large crowd that I was talking about) was much larger than last year and I predict it’s only going to get bigger. It was a glorious time and I hope you (specifically) had fun.

-       The Mike Lorenz Trio was awesome. Being a musician myself, I was very impressed with them.

-       The Mad Mountain Scramblers, who I hadn’t seen in a while, were off the proverbial chain. There was tight knit bluegrass heard and danced by all.

-       The sausages this year were fantastic. And we’d love to give the credit to the Finsen brothers of the Artisan Meats of Vermont have a pretty solid thing going in addition to being some of the nicest guys around.


That’s the quick version. I could (as I’ve said) go on and on. I had fun, the staff had fun and I thought it was just a necessary thing to let you all know how cool you are and to thank you.


The final piece that I will add here is that we still (somehow) have a lot of the beer that was on this past weekend on tap right now. So, you might want to check our website to give yourself a good drool before heading down here. I try and update the website as much as possible.


Finally (I know, really? This is probably the most straight-forward email you’ll ever get from me) it should be noted that this Sunday is Mother’s Day. We’ll be open and I’m pretty sure your Mom likes it here. I know my Mom does. Hi Mom. I love you.


That’s about it for this week, friends. Well, that and whenever I write “friends” at the end of a sentence I think back to Earl Scruggs whenever he would end a song. He used to say, “Well, thank you neighbors.” That’s what I think of. You don’t have to but it’s worth a shot.


Well, Thank You Neighbors!




Gracious McTaproompants.