Greetings folks!


Firstly, we’d love to thank you all so very very much for coming out and making this year’s Montbeerlier one of the best we’ve ever had. Turns out there’s a lot of people in our community that not only know how to pick some really great karaoke songs but also have the pipes to back them up. Seriously, there was some crazy talent going on up there. And, turns out, all but one person had a really great time. Just kidding, everyone had a great time, except for that one person.


We still have some gems on from the “me overloading the taplist a little to showcase the best of what I can get” and, if you’re not doing anything in the next couple of days, you can revel in the victor of whatever other people couldn’t bring themselves to drink fully.


For instance or, for example if you will:


- Hill Farmstead Nordic Saison/Arthur/Florence/Anna: all of the Farmsteadales that you can handle, almost all at once. There’s some honey is one of them, some wheat in another and a whole mess of things in the other; and then there’s Arthur.

- Founders 2016 and 2017 KBS: we’ve had our share of Imperial Stouts with Chocolate and Coffee aged in Bourbon barrels and well, they can kind of go home now because they’re drunk. These are the ones.

- Smuttynose Smuttlabs Hatchling #1: Zeus/Saphir/Citra/Amarillo hops all in a lovely and bright IPA from our friends of the Smutty Nose clan.

- Lawson’s Finest KIWI: an insanely tropical Double IPA with hops from the place where the Haka is performed with authenticity.


And other things, coming up:


- Smuttynose Shoals Pale Ale: when was the last time you’ve given this one a whirl? It’s a phenomenal English Style Pale Ale from, as discussed, our friends from the Smutty Noses. It was and still is a perfect example of the transition of the English Style Pale Ale making its’ way into the American version. This used to be an absolute classic. Well, it still is and you should drink it. We’re selling it at a price that you will also enjoy.


- KIS Kombucha: Agave Lime Kombucha. We like having an alternative to, well, alcohol on tap just in case someone doesn’t want to imbibe but also wants to support themselves with probiotics. But, just in case, this will make a pretty mean alternative as well to a margarita.


And, remember, every Tuesday we do the HEADY + 4 WINGS = $9 deal. That is, if you like math and heady and wings but don’t really need to like math that much.



Until the next time.



T.P. Taproom