This Monday, November 15th marks Sierra Nevada Brewing Co's 30th Anniversary.  To celebrate the occasion, certain bars and pubs across the country have been chosen as "official" SN Anniversary Party locations- and we've been chosen as the host for Vermont's party!  Which means this Monday will be an epic night of Sierra Nevada drinking here at the Taproom- we'll be pouring their entire anniversary series: Fritz's and Ken's Ale; Charlie, Fred and Ken's Bock; Jack and Ken's Ale; and Oak Aged Bigfoot-Celebration Ale), along with the just-released 2010 Celebration Ale, Bigfoot, and our own Beer Camp beer, Knightro (a nitrogenated, traditional-style ESB).  Note on the Knightro- we'll have our very last keg of it on tap here at the Taproom, Sierra Nevada will be pouring it at their Taproom in Chico on Monday, and as far as I know, that's the last of it in the world! Sierra Nevada Brewing is, obviously, a giant in the world of craft beer.  Not only are they huge in terms of the amount of beer they brew and their distribution, but more importantly, Sierra Nevada was the first "microbrew" that many thousands of us ever tried.  SN almost single-handedly introduced so many of us- including myself- to the idea that beer does not have to be (in fact, shouldn't be ) a piss-yellow, watery concoction that leaves you waking up in the morning with a tremendously obnoxious headache.  We're incredilby honored and humbled to get to be part of their Anniversary party- and you should probably take the opportunity to celebrate one of the founding fathers of craft beer with us!  Along with the above mentioned beers, we'll have a bunch of SN shwag to give away on Monday, and as always, probably a few surprises up our sleeves too.

And to Ken Grossman,  Steve, Terence, Scott, and everyone else at Sierra Nevada that we had the pleasure of meeting last March (and to everyone else we didn't get to meet)- Cheers!!! and Happy Anniversary!!!!!!