Hi Family!  

Hi Mr. Snuggles! I miss you the most (don’t tell the parents!!!)!


Camp is going great! I’m making so many friends and getting absolutely eaten alive by mosquitoes but everyone is nice and they smile a lot so that makes the days pretty good especially when we get ice cream. I won a prize in bingo last night and got to choose a candy bar the size of my head. I split it with my new friend Miriam. She’s a fantastic musician with an awesome voice. She is trying to put out an album right now and needs help to raise the funds required to do so and, seeing as I’m here and you’re there, I figured I could give you the link to donate to her efforts in lieu of my allowance. Here it is. Use that one. She’s a really incredible woman and has a wonderful personality to go along with her angelic voice and you’ll get to see all about it in the video that I just provided. I think you’ve actually seen her play around town so this is a great opportunity to help out, you know? She’s also been really nice to me as she’s been to this camp before and she’s been showing me the ropes.


How’s the food at home? The food here is pretty good. They are looking for another cook to round out the team here at the Three Penny Camp and if you know of anyone, you should send them by. But, if you’re sending someone anyone will you send Mr. Snuggles too? I like Mr. Snuggles and I miss him the most. Sometimes we play kickball.


We’ve actually been playing a lot of soccer (there’s a kid here who calls it Football but I’m confused by that) during the day and one of the councelors watches the games from the Copa American and the Euro Championship that are going on right now at night but he already knows the scores of the games because during the day when we’re all making bows and arrows and playing soccer there’s people who go to the Taproom to watch the games live but he watches them anyway because he like soccer that much.


I got to hold an alligator!


It was a small alligator and its mouth was taped shut but its belly felt really funny in my hands.


I’m getting really good at archery and even won a Hill Farmstead Double Citra because I hit closer to the bulls-eye than Tommy (Tommy can’t do the archery anymore because he almost hit the cat).


They also have these two different Goses here, one from Zero Gravity in Burlingtown and one from Lost Nation in Morritsville and I’ve never had something like it; it’s like an adult version of Gatorade (so they tell me – I’m too young to drink, remember?).


They also have these “sour” ales that the other adults are seemingly enjoying a lot. One of them is pretty rare apparently and it’s called the Rodenbach Alexander and it hasn’t been made in more years than I’ve been alive! That’s a long time and longer than I can remember since I wasn’t borned yet then. They have some stateside offerings as well from Almanac in Californ-I-A and one from where we’re from in Vermont called Hermit Thrush. They’re both, I hear, pretty amazing.



Let’s see…


I’m kind of only writing because they’re making me; I’m having too much fun here.


I also think I’m going to paint my face more often.


Ok, I have to go, it’s time to go get my badge in swimming! I’m doing better this year!


TTFN (that’s “Ta Ta For Now!”)!



I love you!



Junior” Taproom