Greetings!!!             Well, it sure has been a long time since we last spoke.  We finally got our computers up and running, which means we are getting real close to the Grand Opening of the new and improved Three Penny Taproom!!!  You can now rely on this grammatically challenged email to reach you every Tuesday with tons of great information about what’s cooking and pouring at TPT!! 

            We want to start out by thanking all of you for your patience during our construction process.  We have definitely had our share of wrinkles, which anyone who has opened their own business will tell you is par for the course.  This is precisely why when we were asked to give you an opening date, we always said June-ish.  Now, we are armed and getting ready to bust a move with full menu capabilities and a GORGEOUS new dining room and spiffed up taproom!!  So, here are the details…We will be CLOSED from this Sunday, the 17th, through Wednesday, the 20th, to practice everything we need to get ready for our Grand Opening on Thursday June 21st!!!  Yup, that’s right, we planned our unveiling to the public for the Summer Solstice…you can make up your mind as to what that means to you.  Our new hours of operation will be Monday through Saturday from 11 to close, and Sunday Brunch service from 10-4.  Food will be served from 11-9 Monday through Saturday, and all day Sunday!!  The bar will stay open until close, and we will have a late night menu for those of you who forgot to eat during the day.  We are really happy with our decision to expand our little taproom into a two-room, handicap accessible, fantastic eating and drinking destination!!!

            We couldn’t have done it without the amazing crew of contractors!!!  Here are a list of people who have put so much energy and expertise into one of the hottest things to come to Montpelier:  Stauffer Woodworking was our General Contractor, and let me tell you, the best on the friggin planet.  Eyrich Stauffer and his crew ( Ben, Chris, Andy, Travis, Jesse, Jonah, Zach) have been consummate professionals, as well as patient leaders of the “whoops we forgot to ask you to do that” list.  A lot goes into a project of the size and scope, and these guys never lost sight of the task at hand.  You will be blown away when you see the attention to detail in every corner of our expansion.  Our electricians for the expansion was Integrity Electric ( Shawn and Keith), and these guys were also great at getting things done and dealing with the occasional curveball.  You will notice how much of a difference great lighting and electrical solutions really make the place.  Our Heating/ Air Conditioning/ Spirit Raiser was Chris Lyford, and thanks to him, all of our mechanicals are now upstairs and updated ( Now when the basement floods, we won’t have to keep replacing our heating and hot water systems!!!).  Chris is to thank for the comfortable temperatures as you slowly sip on your craft beer!  Our plumber was Evans Plumbing, and Jason is one of the best around!  We relied a lot on Jason for working closely with the city and sprinkler guys to get us all plumbed out!  The man with the paint brush in his hand is Andy Suits, with ASAP Painting!  Suits also added his DJ prowess to keep everybody nodding their heads as they worked.  Andy is to thank for the fresh walls, and the shiny new silver tin ceilings!!!  If you ever need work done on your home or business, feel free to ask us for their contact information!

            Alright, that’s enough info for now…next week, I will be posting our menu and draught list for all of your drooling pleasure!



Scott, Matt & Wes

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