How's everyone doing?  Nothing particularly special or newsworthy to report 'round these parts.  I did decide I would do my best to get a post up on our news feed/blog at least once a week, so I feel obliged to follow-through, but I'm not sure I have anything particular to report to you.  We had a blast last week for the release party of Lawson's Finest Liquid's collaboration with The Bruery, Acer Querus.  Then a couple days later we were really excited to host the entire Beer Advocate crew- Jason, Todd, Ben, Taylor and Courtney hopefully had as much fun as we did! We've certainly stayed busy, as this is high time for catering here in Vermont (hey- if you're interested in having us cater your wedding, your funeral, your corporate meeting, your union meeting, your party, or whatever! get in touch with Scott: scott(at) (jeez, I can't believe I just put a funeral joke in a business plug- that's probably bad form).  On top of all that, we're just doing our things: bringing in the best beers we can get a hold of (every Tuesday we update the draftlist on our website, so if you don't live in Montpelier you can check out what's up before you decide to come visit).  And, of course, Chef Matthew continues to fill our humble little menu with some simply world-class fare, featuring mostly local ingredients and put together with your beer in mind.  Also, if you haven't yet, you simply have to come in on a Friday for Mad Taco Day, when we feature the most delicious, authentic tacos, tamales and such that you'll find in the state.  Though I have been known to exaggerate from time to time, this one is 100% true, I promise.  Vermont's best tacos.

I guess that's it.  Future instalments will tip you off to more useful information, such as a huge event with Rob Todd and Allagash Brewing Co that we're working on.  In the meantime, enjoy the summer, and while you're doing so, do it with craft beer!