Welcome to story time! This one in particular is all about how my life got flipped, turned up-side down and if it pleases the audience I wish to take only one minute of your time so please be seated. I would like to divulge the information about how that I, the author of this story, became the doyen of a small hamlet named “Bel Air.”

You see, I was raised in the gritty underbelly of the city of Brotherly love (and ROCKY!!! All of them!): most notably the western territory. I spent my days languidly occupying the grounds of play without a care in the world. One day in particular, whilst marauding with friends in a friendly game of hoop-ball outside of university, some hooligans approached us in a rather unruly manner. I will not boast to my abilities of warfare but you should know, dear reader, that my attack is keen and sharp and those bullies felt the bastard end of my long aggression that day.

My mother was not impressed.

As punishment I was summonsed to end my studies and move at once to my Aunt and Uncles house where I would be horse-stable peon for them in order to pay for my offendance.

The transport arrived in the morning thereafter and I gave second thought to my plight. I thought better of this being a punishment and more began to take on my new opportunity in a place where I had yet to make a name. The cabin was adorned with the freshest plates and there were game pieces hanging from the driver’s saddle; both of which were foreign to my eyes yet suddenly comforting. Therefore, I embarked with a might “huzzah!” to the driver and off we went towards the bustling hamlet of “Bel Air.”

After months of weary travel we had arrived at the zenith of our destination. Dusk had settled in about an hour before on a crisp day at the beginning of October and I wished the driver a hearty good luck in his travels and a mighty thank you for the company.

Finally in my stead I pushed a sigh of welcomed relief to be instated through my teeth and settled in to my new castle.

That, friends, is the story of how I became the Prince of Bel Air (of the County Fresh).

And that, friends, is what we talk about when we’re waiting for the leaves to change and waiting for something awesome to tell you (that doesn’t seem redundant).

So, for this week, we’re basically just the best beer bar in the world. Not much else, nothing to see here.

We DO have a new menu coming out soon that I’ll have to touch more on later when we have everything finalized (I’ve learned to never discuss anything with you until it is actually finished and ready to be talked about – we don’t want another “Octopus” scandal on our hands no do we?) and we have some amazing beer on tap right now (duh – as if we ever don’t?) and all of that’s well and good but I think you expect more from me by now to simply just write out what we have on draft and all of that and a bag of chips a’hoy (can’t eat them, that’s why I spelled them wrong; it’s the chocolate, I don’t like chocolate and it doesn’t like me).


I’ll talk about beer…

Zero Gravity has been something we’ve talked about a lot and we had a lot on for a while because of that whole “takeover” thing we did but we also have Sim Shady (my sincerest apologies for anyone who actually clicks on that link – not the first one, you should see that: the second one) on tap right now which is a single hop (SIMcoe) IPA and if you’re checking for grammatical errors in this sentence good luck because I’m kind of a grammar ninja when I remember to spell grammar with an “a.”

Also, it might still be on tap at press time but we got twenty liters (5 and something gallons) of Lawson’s Finest Fayston Maple Stout and then we poured it so you can drink it. Just think of it as an Imperial Stout made with maple syrup because well, that’s exactly what it is. That and it’s damned perfect.

If you’re looking for a honest-to-goodness interpretation of what an Oktoberfest beer should taste like then you should try the Crop Bistro’s version. Not to get overly preachy (me? Nooooooooooooooooooooooosarcasm) but America’s versions sometimes treat the style like a Bock, making the beer too sweet and too malty (redundant at times?) and too high in alcohol with too many sugars for the lovely yeast to eat (redundant at times?). Crop’s version is crisp and bready and everything that you can expect in a true-to-style Amber Lager that is drank at the Oktoberfest celebrations.

And for fans of the Farmstead that produces Hill you will not be disappointed either. We’ll have Song of Joy/Conduct of Life/Edward/Mary/Double Galaxy/Et Cetera on soon (not at the same time! You have to SHARE!) for you to put in your mouth holes.

And, we’ll see an old friend return for a little bit: North Coast’s Old #38 Dry Irish Stout. That’ll be fun!

Ok. I’m NOT the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. But, I did play one on the TV.

Cheers Friends!

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(Featured Image via Buzzfeed)