I spend about roughly a hour (when I’m using a computer to just type everything out as it’s leaving my brain mind and not etching the words in reverse (flip mode’s the greatest) lithograph (REVERSE LITHOGRAPH – Let the redundancies begin!) to trace it onto really thin paper in order to project the image onto the wall so that I can type everything onto a typewriter and then onto said computer) thinking about how to convey what I have to talk to you about and about fifteen minutes actually typing. I type faster than I talk which, if you’ve ever met me, that’s not really saying something since I say about three words an hour. But, I assure you, I used to be able to type a five-page essay, single-spaced, on a book that I hadn’t read nor have I to this day in a record fifteen minutes (still standing record, although I may have to try and break that soon).

The scene that I wanted to convey for this week’s installment is one from my favorite movies/films: The Natural. When I was a child I liked Baseball more than Hockey but I grew out of that fast once the internet was created. Here’s the scene. Just kidding, that’s the scene where he strikes out the Hammer just before he’s shot. I used to cite that scene when I would try to compare and contrast cinematography with showing time/place/season because of its awesome use of backlighting and ethereal glow. I couldn’t find the other one. But it’s a scene where Red and Roy are eating in a restaurant and Red says, “Pretty good food, huh?” and then Roy (the best there ever was, the best there will ever be) says, “Damn good.” And then Red says, “You can’t spell it, but it sure does eat good, huh?”

That’s the scene.

Because I wanted to talk about FOOD!

You and I, dear reader, talk a lot about a lot of things. Mostly, we chat about beer (which, we will…oh yes we will…) and other things but we have a NEW MENU FOR REALS STARTING TODAY!

Some Highlights?

What about the Caprese Burrata using Maplebrook burrata?

It’s only funny if you click on that link.

Also featuring:

Beer-Braised Pork Sandwich with the “beer” in this equation being Rauchbier.

The Italian: which reminds me of this (if you know, that’s makes perfect sense).

Oh, yeah, Shrimp & Grits.

And, fried Pig Tails. They’re really good. They taste just like pork does. I’m just running out of things to link to right now and I love that painting.

And…Calamari, this style.

There’s others and others but that should give you a good quick glimpse into what we’re launching this fine day.

Oh, and we have Hill Farmstead Harlan on right now. And, Conduct of Life. And, Zero Gravity’s Vienna Amber Lager made with Cocoa Nibs and also their Black Cat Porter, which will be on soon. We also have the Honeymaker Ram Island Tea Mead coming on soon that will for sure make a certain pair of ladies happy because they like to ask about when that’s coming back again. And, pretty soon you’ll be able to tell your friends that you’ve had the Smuttynose Smuttlabs Smoked Peach Berliner when it comes on and after you drink it. And since it’s the Season for Saison we’re going to have a couple for you to choose from as well and that’s all I’ll say about that since I just got sidetracked by the fact that Willie E Coyote was always yelled out for his violent tendencies but no one really ever gives him credit for his really quick and insanely accurate murals.

So, I think I’ll just leave this with you here and be on my merry way.

Thanks for reading.


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