I’ve just written this about five times trying to be “short” and “to the point” but I’m having a very hard time so I’m just going to come right out and say it so that I can just come right out and say it and then you’ll know it and then we’ll both (you and me, dear reader (does anyone with literary knowledge know where I’m getting this reference from? There’s an author out there (it’s probably rudimentary and I’m probably over thinking this right here) who would refer to the reader (that’s you) as “dear, reader” but I’m having a hard time remembering. It’s probably a whole host of different people/writers and I’m just pigeon holing one person.) know all about it and then we can plan on being here this weekend.




That, and this morning I got yelled at on the street. They (the person yelling) told me that I’m condescending (that means I talk “down” to people).




Here it is:





Which means that it’s OUR BIRTHDAY THIS FRIDAY!!!


In order to celebrate our birthday we’re having a massive outside party (that’s what Montbeerlier is, if this is your first time – that’s not condescending, right?) with music, casks, beer, a whole array of different food options and general good times.



So: 3 (three) to nine (9) this Saturday in our back yard. Be here.


The Full Cleveland is playing.


Lake Superior is playing.


The Mad Mountain Scramblers are playing.



Outside, we’ll have around 15 DIFFERENT casks from DIFFERENT breweries. We’ll have our collaboration beer with Lost Nation (which is a FANTASTIC Kellerpils (unfiltered Pilsner) dry hopped with Sorachi hops) and a couple of other fun little ditties.


Inside, I’m “stacking the lines” (reasoning for the “rabbit ears:” I kind of don’t like that term because I always try to have the best possible draft list for anyone who walks through our door – but, there’s a couple of things that I purchase throughout the year that I keep and save just for our Birthday). So, our draft list will be a little heavy on the awesome, sorry.



That’s about it friends.




I really hope I see each and every one of your smiling faces this weekend so that I may kiss your pretty faces of redundancy.





With Kind Regards,



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