It feels great to be naked, doesn’t it?


You know, free from the constrictions and limitations of clothed wares, lying in a field, letting the grass be your bed and the sun your blanket. Doesn’t that just feel great?


Well, friends, during this time of year that’s exactly the kind of beer that we like to pour. When it’s scorching and sweltering outside it’s nice to have something that will quell the sweat from your brows. Some people like to call these beers “lawnmower beers.”


Here’s a picture of a lawnmower:


That doesn’t look like a beer to me. I could be wrong.


However, I think what people generally assume is that the two go together. You don’t mow lawns in the winter, they say. So, when you’re living in the time period where people are actually mowing lawns, it must be summer.


Here’s a picture of a lawn:


Still, that doesn’t look like a beer to me. I could be wrong.


But I’ll appease those who would like to refer to these beers as “lawnmower” beers and others alike by coming up with a completely new term for these beers because of my clever outlook on daily life and my lack of having a lawn of my own. Therefore, from henceforth we will now call these beers (those light in color/crisp in flavor/refreshing) as “Summer Activity Beers Requiring Crispness And Refreshingness And Maybe Some Good Hops Thrown In For Good Measure.” Or, SABRCARAMSGHTIFGM for short.


Because, maybe you like to do this:


Or this:


Or maybe this strikes your fancy: Bed2.jpg


My point is, whatever gets you sweating will require something that we have. Therefore, here are some of the SABRCARAMSGHTIFGM beers that we’re providing for your enjoyment after said activities:


Hill Farmstead Mary: Some folks would like to call this a Pilsner. I call it “sucking down heaven.”


Banded Horn Pepperell Pilsner: Yes, another Pilsner. This is technically a “Keller Pils” which means that it has not been filtered. Very nice and pleasant and floral and crisp and nice.


Reason why there’s a couple of Pilsners: A Pilsner is a wonderful Lager that is very hard to make, actually. There’s nothing huge about them. They are definitions and demonstrations of both restraint and perfecting a trade. And, when made well, they’re hella refreshing.


Lost Nation Gose: believe me when I say, “Technically and Scientifically and Just Pure Tastes Betterly Than Gatorade.” I’m serious. A Gose (pronounced the same way you’d pronounce “rose” but say “Ah” after) is an ale made with coriander and salt. Guess what you loose when you sweat? Guess what gets replaced by drinking this beer?




The answer is salt.



Keep your eyes out on our selection for more SABRCARAMSGHTIFGM beers that we’re going to be bringing in regardless of what makes you sweat.



Which reminds me of the C + C Music Factory. Notice I didn’t use an ampersand there.



Ok, that’ll just about do it for me this week.



Take care of each other and go swimming after you feed the dog. You might want to bring the dog with you. She looks hot.





IAGDAIGTBA Taproom (that acronym actually means It’s A Great Day And I’m Glad To Be Alive)