Hasenfeff Incorporated!



We're gonna do it!


Give us any chance - we'll take it

Read us any rule - we'll break it

We're gonna make our dreams come true....

Doin' it our way


Nothin's gonna turn us back now

Straight ahead and on the track now

We're gonna make our dreams come true...

Doin' it our way


There is nothing we won't try

Never heard the word impossible

This time there's no stopping us

We're gonna do it


On your mark, get set and go now

Got a dream and we just know now

We're gonna make our dream come true

And we'll do it our way - yes our way

Make all our dreams come true

And do it our way - yes our way

Make all our dreams come true

For me and you





Ok, I’m back.




I figured that you would get a kick out of that if you even remotely grew up in the same time period that I did. Or, maybe the television that we were allowed to watch was strictly re-runs, I don’t know. I can only remember “Good Times” and “Pinwheel” and I’m pretty sure they were not on the same channel. That’s why I hung out so much at the Firehouse.


But, Laverne and Shirley really did tie the room together didn’t they. One could say that they “went together well” or “complimented each other nicely.”


We feel that way about us and you.



Therefore, we’ve got two things that we’re going to talk about that are paired very well with both you and us and food and beer and smiles and Squiggy will be here (nope).



Firstly, I should mention that THIS THURSDAY (THAT’S TOMORROW AND I’M EVEN USING MY OUTSIDE VOICE TO TELL YOU) we’re hosting a bunch of good people and good friends from a brewery that you’ve for sure heard of and a brewery that probably has machines that do Laverne and Shirley’s jobs much more efficiently (serious, they look pretty aloof from time to time).




Yes, correct, not a joke, we already did that today, supposedly.



We have a very special CASK and a couple of awesome offerings from them as well. I’m thinking that we’ll tap the CASK (stay tuned to social media to know what type of beer we’re serving – oops) somewhere around twoish and then we’ll serve it to you-uns.






Secondly, the Kitchen (specifically Chefano) wanted to do another beer dinner.




So we’re going to.






On the 19th of April we’re going to run five courses under your palates and pair them with different beers from none other than Smuttynose Brewing Company and their perfectly and consistently awesome beers. Some of the beers are pretty rare and you’re pretty much not going to want to not be there. Tickets for the event are $50 which gets you FIVE COURSES ALL PAIRED WITH SMUTTY’S BEST and the event will take place sometime after 6 and it’s a Sunday so what cool thing do you have to do on a Sunday that you’re too busy to come and have your mind blown?


Make sure you get your tickets at the bar or give us a holler and we’ll sell you the tickets.




I was really going to try and make this whole thing Laverne and Shirley themed but the only thing I keep thinking about is when Laverne is in the closet and opens the door and then Shirley comes in from the front door not knowing that Laverne was in the closet and was exiting at the same time and then the two doors run into each other and then they’re all like “whaaaaaaa?” and look at each other but in the end they look at the camera and then giggle about that unfortunate accident but no one got hurt so it’s not too bad. That’s all I got.



As for beer that we’re pairing with your lives this week, here’s what’s got’s our mind’s eye’s bulging:



Zero Gravity Chewbocka: OMG LOL HERE WE GO!!! No need for alarm. This is just the season where Bock beers start flowing and the ZG does them proper. We’ll also represent the Marzen style but there’s more on that latron.


Hill Farmstead Mosaic: that’s just a really cool hop that HF made a single pale ale style out of and used nothing but that hop. Mosaic hops are more like citrus/pine/earth/herbal/mint/bubblegum/blueberry/lime peel/black pepper (or so I heard) as opposed to this.


Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout: I’m not sure if you’ve had this one yet or not but man, it sure tastes good when you drink it. What makes it a “Milk” Stout. Milk. Well, technically the introduction of Lactose but well, that’s pretty close to milk even if you only capitalize the “L” instead of the “M.”





Ok Angel Face?


Ok, Muffin…




You have to see this.




You’re totally welcome.





Love you mean it.







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