You may not like it too much, but the seasons are definitely changing. Sure, we’ll have that one last (maybe more, you never know) blast of temperate goodness but by and large, the temperature at night is getting colder and it will take longer for the sun to beat back the grasp of chill that it bestows upon us. This is just simple fact. However, with a change in season also comes a change in what fills our daily routines. We switch from the light and airy delicacies to the more hearty developments, the more involved products. Of course, ladies and gentlemen, I’m mostly talking about beer.


During the summer months I try and bring you the best way to pair the weather with your daily interactions. You’ve seen, in the past couple of months, a bunch of glorious Pilsners and Saisons, Goses and Crisp Lagers. Well, now that we’re switching the need to have those thirst quenchers around (but don’t worry, we will never kick them to the curb for good) we can now surround ourselves with the dark stuff, the heavy hitters. It is with this that I begin to talk about the upcoming goodies that we’ve planned for you. Yes, this blast is going to be short and sweet this week (the email, that is. You never know about the weather.) but I assure you that the bounty is twice the weight of the length.


All that jazz aside, here’s what we’ve got lined up for you to watch Champions League Football (not Throwball, that’s Sundays) this afternoon (we’ll see you here!):

Jack’s Abby Copper Legend: this beer is the basis of why I wrote what I did up until now (minus the Footy contest, I usually don’t think of Football when I think – Oktoberfest!). There, I just told you what style it was (unless you skip over the word in the parentheses, which is basically how I talk so that’s why there’s so many). Tis the season for these crisp amber lagers and this one is a superb interpretation of the style, which would have mad Ludwig himself happy as he walked down that aisle (there’s a historical reference there).

Mystic Hazy Jane: I brought in this summer wheat Saison for the instance of when it gets warmer outside, just before it gets cold again. Super refreshing and VERY well made.

Hill Farmstead Everett: probably the best American Porter you’ll ever had. It’ll be on soon, don’t worry.

Grassroots Legitimacy IPA: the boys on the Hill completely outdo themselves whenever they make this Amazing example of the India Pale Oh My Goodness It Tastes Like Heaven Style.

Zero Gravity Narconaut: Remember how we don’t like calling Black IPAs, Black IPAs because the middle word is “Pale” in that equation? Well, this is a FANTASTIC India Black Ale. Nuff said.

The Bruery Tradewinds: Usually, in order to get the extra alcohol in their Belgian Tripels, brewers will add candi sugar to the boil. This raises the alcohol to the appropriate amount but it doesn’t add to the body of the beer. Well, instead of that, The Bruery folks added rice to the mash and then spice it with Thai basil. Yes, they do.

Rising Tide Calcutta Cutter: I have multiple friends that live on the seacoast (the one near Maine, which is where Rising Tide is located). After having tried this Imperial IPA, I received several textual messages and phone calls letting me know how good it is and how lovely it tastes. So, we got some to share. It’ll be on soon and you’re going to thank your neighbor.

As always, we’ll have some oddities and some normalcies that are going to come through the door on Friday (Hill Farmstead, Mr. Lawson, et cetera) so keep your nose to the ground and listen for quaking cause there’s a train a coming.


We love you.


This is Three Penny, Signing Off. Over and Out.