For those of you that read these things and keep saying to yourselves, “what in the tarnation is he saying and why isn’t this email every week just about beer?” Then I’ll leave the following here for you: Here’s what you can expect on tap from us this week:

  • Bissell Brothers – We had an event this past Sunday and a lot of you were there for the Substance/LUX/Seed/Baby Genius but what many of you may NOT know is the fact that we have a little bit more of some of those and if you hurry you may or may not be able to get some.
  • Zero Gravity CSA IPA: Horray for abbreviations that have a deeper meaning! “CSA” means “Citra/Simcoe/Amarillo” and those are hops. Those are also hops that you people like. I should know. I know you people.
  • Lawson’s Finest JST Saison: I’m not going to tell you what “JST” means because I have a contest going with the staff to see if they can figure it out (don’t tell them!) but I can tell you that this Saison is made with Rhubarb. So, it’s a Rhubarb Saison and it’s fantastic.
  • Hill Farmstead George: probably the best American Brown Ale that you’re going to have. Probably.

That is about beer.

This is not about beer.

And neither is the following.

I used to carry around one of those old school types of voice recorders to, you know, record my voice when I had something that I wanted to remember. The initial intention of this device was to record interviews while I was pursuing my degrees so that I wouldn’t have to re-read my own “shorthand” and misquote someone by putting “rabbit ears” in the wrong places”.” But, I had it with me a lot and it was an easier extension than the thing I really wanted (to replace my eyes with cameras so that the world could see the cool things that I was seeing – I want the world and I want it now). So, what this thing turned into was basically my journal. Since my personality is what it is this quickly turned into me carrying around a complete DAT recorder with a multi-directional microphone so that I could record the world in stereo for, you know, the people who want to hear my take on the world in stereo.

That led to me spitting poetic rants about the things that I observed around me. The one and only thing that I can remember that I actually put to tape was a “poem (rant)” that was me describing my love affair for the time period of 7 o’clock in the morning set to this song. I remember driving in my 1994 Chevy S10 pickup and recording my love affair for 7 o’clock in the morning.

I love 7 o’clock in the morning.

It’s right after the sun comes up and right before most people start their day so the world is crisp and the light is orange and you get the world to yourself at the same time.

It reminds me of this time of year, late August.


This is the best time of the year. And, 7 o’clock in the morning during this time period in our calendar is pretty fantastic, no?

So, as the summer winds down, make sure you get out and do the things you like to do because this truly is the most wonderful time to do whatever it is that you like.

If you like beer then add part one with part two and you’ll get part Three Penny.


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