It’s that time of I’m just kidding I’m not going to start this one like that.  



Let’s talk sledding!



Now that there’s a nice layer of the white stuff (not people, we’re not talking about white people) on the ground the training can commence. You all know me to be a straight out of the past Renaissance man so it should not come to much of surprise to learn about me that I’m a champion sledder. I shred the sled. Not many can match my slick skills on the plastic disk but there has always been one person that can surpass my level of competition.


His name is Dillon Delano and he works here.


Dillon grew up in the hearty hill of Worcester, Vermont which is pronounced the same way that you would if you lived in Boston and had a funny accent which is only funny because you don’t hear it every day and by funny I mean peculiar to the situation not funny ha ha. He, at an early age, had a penchant for plastic, a gift from the Gods of sliding over snow from the top of a hilly area to the bottom in quick fashion. And it all comes from how tall he is and how deep his voice is but it also came from his insane work ethic.


You see, Dillon got to where he is in the sledding community because he was an innovator, a true visionary when it comes to how to sled and it didn’t hurt that he rarely gets cold so he could be outside, sledding, for long periods of time. At the age of 4 Dillon crafted what’s known in the “circle” as the “Delano Destroyer.” The “DD” (as it’s referred) is simply the most architecturally sound and hermetic sled ever envisioned. You can see a picture of it here. That might look simple and easy but I can assure you (as the number 2 sledder in the entire world) that it’s a vicious piece of machinery. Over the years people have tried to copy his design but no one has been able to replicate what 4-year-old Dillon was able to and all have failed to race him down the hill.


But he will be dethroned soon. Training has begun and it is my year to take him on at the Worcester World Championships coming up in the next two months so if you need me, I’ll be going up and down hills in preparation of our battle. I’ve come up with a design that I believe will work but I can’t show you because I don’t want you to try and copy it but let’s just say that my design is going to be known as legendary.


Ok, enough about me. How are you?!?


That’s just great.





On soon?



At Three Penny?



Oh, you know, we’ll have, you know, stuff.



Like Zero Gravity’s Weizenbock which is so awesome this time of year to have on with all of it’s malty and wheaty goodness that comes in a pint. It’s a strong(ish) German Style Lager that mostly announces itself with the “Weizen” portion of the prefix since that basically means “Wheat” in Germany. That wheat adds a bunch to the finished beer, which may or may not include a certain sweetness and some great body.


Also, we’ll be pouring Society & Solitude #2 from the Hill Farmstead soon which, to run on the treadmill of you memory box, is an Imperial India Black (notice I didn’t say Pale) Ale. It’ll be dark in colour when you see it next.


Also dark is their Everett (American Porter) which, I am told, is the greatest American Porter that you’re ever going to come in contact with so you might want to get on drinking it before we sell it all to your friends (some friends, huh?).


Coming sooner than you would prefer (that’s a joker) is Smuttynose’s White Wine Aged Oaked Belgian Style Tripel but it’ll be called something much shorter than that when it gets up on the board. I mean, just imagine a Belgian Style Tripel that’s been aged in White Wine Barrels and you can talk about it too. Then, you’ll be able to tell me that it won’t be a dark beer but it’ll still be warming for my inside voice.


And what would be a moment between you and me (no one else is around, you’re safe) without mentioning that we got Lawson’s Finest in the house but I’m not going to let you know what it is specifically so you’ll just have to guess but it’ll be on as soon as we can get it on.



Ok, that’s about all I have until I can think of more to tell you.


And, I really don’t have much in the way of Rick Rolling (I was informed that I might have invented that? Anyone confirm this?) except for this but it’s really not that much. Why do I have to lie so much? That’s awesome.



So I’ll try harder to be the inventor extraordinaire that you all love about me.





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