Today is December the Second in the year Two Thousand and Fifteen. It is the three hundred and thirty sixth day of the year (three hundred and thirty seven in leap years – of which this is not) and there are twenty nine days left for this year.  

On this day in:


  • 1697 – St. Paul’s Cathedral was consecrated.
  • 1823 – the Monroe Doctrine flew over the airwaves in a State of the Union Address by James Monroe.
  • 1845 – Manifest Destiny was declared by James Polk
  • 2001 – Enron files for Chapter 11.
  • Other things happened but that’s a quick recap.



People that were born on the Second of December:



This is also the first time that I’m going to mention the SOUR BEER DINNER that we’re doing with Hermit Thrush on December 20th!


You can expect:


  • Oyters (sour beer foam, pomegranate) w/ Stickney Kriek
  • Spent Grain-Crusted Trout (sour ale-marinated apple and Bayley Hazen salad) w/ Brattlebeer
  • Silly Friar Shaved Ice (sugared cranberries, orange, rosemary) w/ the Silly Friar that it’s made with
  • Beer Braised Shortribs (winter squash puree, roasted cauliflower, fried leek) w/ Winter Rye
  • Smores Pie (crushed hazelnuts, bacon fluff) w/ Tall, Dark & Handsome


You can also expect all of that for $65, which includes all of the taxes that we know you don’t like to figure out and all of the gratuity that you were going to give anyway. All you have to is go to our website ( and click on the button that let’s you sign up for this event.


As for beer this week, you can expect some or most of the following:


  • Hill Farmstead Double Citra: it’s like there was so much citra that they (Hill Farmstead) had to make it double what it was in the first place. I kid. It’s a Single Hop Double IPA that’s actually quite good despite all of the terrible things you’ve heard about the beer they make which leads me to believe that you’re obviously talking to the wrong people. They’re lying to you.
  • Zero Gravity Armadillo: known in some circles as an “Extra IPA” it straddles the line between an American IPA (typically from about 5-7% ABV (Alcohol By Volume)) and an American Double IPA (typically from about 8-9.5ish% ABV (Alcohol By Volume)) as it’s somewhere in the ballpark of 7.5%ish. Which means there’s more malt to make more alcohol and more hops to balance out the sweetness from the extra malt. That’s the most general thing that I’m going to say all day.
  • Cigar City Jai Alai should still be on even though I’m not actually sitting at the shop right now but as long as we’re discussing IPAs (it’s kind of the thing in Vermont – there’s a good amount of them and we (I – I’m taking the solo blame on that one – just that one) have a hard time not bringing them in for you to drink when our friends make them available to do so. Anyway, IPA it is and drink it down your gullet you will because good it is.
  • Ok, well, let’s try and talk about something different: We’ll also have Maine Beer Company’s Lunch on tap soon which is…another…India…Pale…Ale. BUT, they’re all JUST SO GOOD!
  • We don’t always have crazy IPAs on tap. But, well, I’m not going to go down the list this week and talk about all of the beers that we have on tap (I like to just give a snippet of a snapshot) but you can trust me. I’m NOT the guy who said that Hill Farmstead doesn’t make good beer. I love their beer.






That’s about all you get from this one for a day in December.



Until next time (next week – that’s when it’ll be),



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