Beer-Helps-You-Fish Here's what we found in the world of beer last week (from 11/17 - 11/23). Did we miss anything? If so, let us know on Facebook or Twitter!

The bitter truth [Aeon] Today’s bitter craft beers are dominated by hoppy preservatives. How did they taste back when brewers were shamans?

Top 10 Bizarre US Drinking Laws [Drinks Business] Today I Learned not to feed booze to my fish if I live in Ohio.

Learning About Brettanomyces: An Ode To My Favorite Microbe [Queen City Drinks]  If you're not already familiar with Brett, you will be soon as it shows up in beers on more and more craft beer lists.

Session Beer is Dumb: Why the Session Beer Trend Makes No Sense [Esquire] Shots fired by Aaron Goldfarb - does the new "sessionability" trend lead us down a bad road?

Most Excessive Drinks Not "Dependent" [Drinks Business] If you wrestle with your conscience over whether to have that last drink of the night, you might take some comfort in a recent study which claims 90% of people who drink “to excess” are not alcohol dependent.