A very fine Memorial Day to you, specifically!


In all seriousness, I wish to begin with a sincere Thank You to all of the men and women who have served or are currently serving this country with their ultimate sacrifices.



Here’s a little glimpse as to what you may expect on our draft menu coming up this week:



Almanac Sunshine & Opportunity: Wild Ale Dry Hopped With Citra (sometimes I capitalize things).  Almanac’s sours are really well done and all typical to themselves. They all have this pungent aroma and tart punch; this one will have an additional aroma of lemon peel and citrus that comes with Citra hops.


Citizen Cider Companion: I brought in one of these (20 Liters) and I have a feeling that I should have brought more in. It’s a sour cherry cider. That is, it’s a cider that has sour cherry juice added to it.


Idletyme Bohemia: manzies, do I love Pilsners. So, this one is a Czech Style Pilsner as opposed to the German and American styles that we’ve had on as of late. Think of this as a floral version, with less bitterness and more of a hop flower aspect to it but with the same level of bitterness in order to balance out the sweetness and bread character from the malt.


Lawson’s Super Session #8: same as it ever was but made with Mosaic hops; that’s the difference.


(Ox)Bowie: same as it ever was for an Oxbow Farmhouse Ale but with a slight smokiness to it.


Hill Farmstead SumNer: American Pale Ale w/ Simcoe (Earthy, Citrus, Pine), Citra (Tropical) and Mosaic (Earthy, Floral, Fruity) hops.


Hill Farmstead Works of Love – Earl Grey: I think I’m spelling Gray right. The background of this beer is an American Blonde Ale (light in color and body with a citrusy zest to it) but it’s made with Earl Grey tea. Last time I can remember having it, the tea was more of an essence than anything.  


Hill Farmstead Three Magic Letters: an American IPA made with Simcoe (Earthy, Citrus, Pine), Nelson Sauvin (Fruity – Wine like) and Riwaka (Citrus, Grapefruit) hops.  


Stillwater O Trabalho: boy, I just don’t know what to say about this one. It’s marked as a Wild Ale made in the Amazon Style. I have no fucking idea what that means. I would think that it’ll have a fairly medicinal character to it, hopefully in a good way. Because it’s mentioning the Amazon.com I think it’s safe to explain to the customers that it’s made with roots and teas and is for sure “wild.”


To-Ol (a good pronunciation key can be: say “TOE OOL” wherein the “OO” is like the vowel sound in foot.) Gose North: we’re going to be ushering in some really lovely Goses coming up, especially when it gets hotter out. This is a Gose from Denmark made with Quince (really sweet fruit similar to a pear, usually made into a paste where it transforms into tasting kind of like figs somehow) and Sea Buckthorn (or Hippophae (from the genus meaning Hippo (horse) and Phaos (Shining). I’m not really sure what the flavor we’re going to get out of the Buckthorn here but it’ll give you a shiny coat.