We may appear to just be people who work at a restaurant with an amazing selection of beers but we take seriously basic human rights and as with most of you, we are always concerned with the health and well being of our fellow humans.  

On Tuesday, the 15th of November, we will be donating 5% of ALL SALES to help send much needed aid to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in North Dakota and those that are working along side them. We wish them success in their efforts for the dignity of democratic representation and the basic human right of access to clean water as well as the protection of their sacred sites, all of which are under threat by a proposed oil pipeline. If you can not join us physically, or if you wish to make a personal contribution to their cause, click HERE, which will take you to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s website and at the bottom of the first page is a link where you can donate to the Dakota Access Pipeline protests. There are many times in life where a stand must be taken; for those that are there on the front lines, we feel compelled to support them in any way possible.


We are proud and humbled that one member of our extended family and a past part of our kitchen team is currently on sight in North Dakota and was a part of the over 130 arrests that happened at the end of October. All the aid that we are able to raise will be going directly to people like our friend Jonah who are walking the walk for social justice.


We will have our friends at Zero Gravity sending us a very special offering and, as we do every Tuesday, we will have a can of Heady Topper and 4 of our buttermilk chicken wings for $9 on special; all the more reason to come out and contribute to this important cause.


Thank you for helping out.


And, you can also have these other offerings at the same time!


- Hill Farmstead Susan – it’s a fan favorite and is also your favorite.


- River Roost Harmonious Caper – we’re psyched to bring in some offerings from this White River Junction brewery that’s been getting rave reviews. First, we’re going to introduce you to their session IPA and follow it with others that you’ll enjoy (like the hop choice for their IPAs, just saying).


- Lawson’s Finest Maple Nipple – it’s like an 8% amber ale made with a ridiculous portion of maple syrup and maple water and maple thoughts and maple wishes and maple kisses.


- Four Quarters Little Umbrellas – if you like your wild ales (or beers made with wild yeasts) with coconut and pineapple then, well, this is where you already get the picture.


That’s what’s going on this week (actually next week – or, some of it is this week)!



Cheers to you.