Alright folks. It’s truly been a whirlwind getting back to “reality” this past week. What you folks consider “civilization” is just plain “foreign” to me. I think that we can “both” agree that the “woods” are a completely different “place” than your “reality” has become. And because it wouldn’t be “normal” for me to come back to “reality” without having a lot of “things” to tell you; I have a lot of “things” to tell you before we get to talking about beer and/or cider (more on that later).  

Firstly and Foremostly, I’m rip roaring ready to go for this weekend’s event up at the Vermont College of Fine Arts Chapel to watch the first Vermont screening of 100 Head/Heart/Feet. Tickets are flying off the shelves so get down to the Taproom and get yours before we can’t let you in the building because there are too many people already there. We’ll be pouring beer there as well in case you needed yet another reason to be there.


Secondsies, have you ever heard of Myra Flynn? Well, she and her angelic voice will be at the Taproom this Thursday (THAT’S MANANA!!!) at 10 PM so that you can swoon all over the place. This, my friends, is free. All the best things in life are and we thought (as well as she did) that we should keep it that way.


Thirdsens, next Tuesday (I know it’s “almost” a week away but we won’t talk until next Wednesday and it’ll be too late by then) we will have a couple of really nice ciders on tap to coordinate with Rowan Jacobsen’s talk at Bear Pond Books about his new book on apples. I think it’s safe to say that apples are synonymous with autumn (or fall) and the history of them, the use of them and the way they fabricate themselves into our daily lives is pretty important to the “fabric” (I only used “rabbit ears” there because I used “fabricate” and “fabric” in the same sentence which is something I try not to do) of the most beautiful Republic in the Nation. Some of the ones we’re showcasing (the apiaries/cideries) include but are not limited to: Citizen Cider, Shacksbury, Woodchuck, Down East and MORE!


Fourthensteins – we have a lot of good beer/cider on tap right now and more on deck (have I ever told you about how I arrange what beers come on tap and when/why? Well, I use the old baseball analogy (hidden): when that heavy hitter (think: Mike Schmidt) is on deck there’s a certain “air” about the game; you know that guy is going to hit the ball out of the park (or “outta here” as the saying went) and he’s dangerous. Well, when we tap something new, that’s what I’m going for.)


Here they are:


Hill Farmstead James: I. Love. James. And. You. Do. Too. But. I. Sometimes. Pronounce. It. In. Spanishlike. (“HHHHHaaaammessss”)


Alesmith Speedway Stout: Imperial. Stout. That. You. May. Have. Heard. Of.


OKTOBERFESTS! OMG LOL SMH (I don’t know what SMH means – full disclosure). We have a lot of Oktoberfest styles coming through the doors right now that we’re totally going to share with you. Also known as a “Marzen” (which is what you’ll see on the boards), these oft-brewed during this time period styles are as rich in history as they are in flavor (pun intended – where’s the pun?). We have some great ones from Trapp Family, Lost Nation and Zero Gravity. It’ll be great.


STOUTS!!! Try to get your hands on the Secret Stache from Finch Brewing (Vanilla and Milk Stout) and the Old #38 from North Coast (a Dry Irish Stout). Just try.


And CIDERS! We’ll be tapping those aforementioned ciders throughout the week and into next so if you’re a fan, try them all.



And, just because I think you’re the most beautiful person that I’ve ever met, I hope you’re having a great day and I hope you continue to do so.



Cheers to you,



“Bunny” “Taproom”


Post Script (Editor’s Note): I don’t usually use this forum for personal reasons but I would like to wish a Very Happy Birthday to my Mother, Jean Kerner. Many of you know her simply as “Momma K” as she’s as much your mother as she is mine. However, she’s my momma and I love her dearly as I’m sure you do too. So, if she actually reads these things every week and gets to the end of this email I wanted her to be able to read HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! at the end of this email. It will show that that’s how much she loves her son (that she reads all of the ridiculous things he writes) and it will show her that I love her more than I could ever get down in actual words that she’ll ever read. I love you mom. Happy Birthday. Love, Bosh.

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