A couple of weeks ago I set myself to the task (it was during the fervor of that throw ball game that folks seem to get in a tiffy about – since “my” team wasn’t invited/didn’t earn a spot in said contest I went with my mainstay that I’ve always had since I was wearing short pants – I picked the team that the fewest amount of people were rooting for – which is probably why I’m such a rabid hockey fan) to write an entire one of these love notes to you using nothing but sports clichés. I also wanted to write a follow-up love note that was entirely in fake quotes from fake interviews performed/conducted towards members of the losing team. It would have been something like, “you know, we tried our hardest and fought as best we could only to come up short but today wasn’t our day and we’ll just have to try harder next time to put up more points than the other team and come away with the “W” but winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing so although the sting of defeat is inside us tonight we know that it won’t effect the structure of our character and we’ll come back stronger for the lesson.” But, I never wrote that one.


However, in trying to come up with a “theme” for this week’s installment of “how much love I have you for is directly correlated to what I can feed you and give you to drink” I stumbled across two quotations (while, admittedly, “research feeding” (that’s what I call it) my obsession (the sport of hockey played on ice surfaces)) that have stuck with me and that I wish to share with you now. There really is no relation to either of these quotations and the beer world/food world (or is there? You tell me.), but they are motivational enough to mention. The first one is just about to be revealed just after this colon (wait for it): “Hard work beats skill when skill doesn’t work hard.” (I’m attributing this quote to the source that I’ve seen it quoted from which is John Stevens).


What does this have to do with beer?


I think I just wrote that to ask myself.


What I think it has to do with beer are the people that we get to serve said beer to on a regular basis. It’s been a long winter and you’ve all worked really hard. It’s our job to reward you. It’s our job to work hard with great skill to serve you the best way that we can. I realize that this is a completely left fielded note. But, maybe reading that made your day a little brighter. It did mine and I thought that I’d share.


All that said, this is the hard work that we’re doing so that we can serve you great craft beer (meaning, this is part of the “on deck” lineup that we’ve got for you coming up):


-       Zero Gravity Nigel: have I told you about Nigel yet? It’s amazing. In the beginning, this is a Baltic Porter (a Porter fermented with a Lager strain of yeast making it crisper and a little drier). But, what the good people of Zero Gravity did was blend it with some of their Old Ale that’s been hanging out in bourbon barrels. That’s it. Nothing to see here. Look away. Move along.

-       Smuttynose Noonan: today (Tuesday – I know you won’t see this until tomorrow/today to you) is the birthday of Greg Noonan. Greg is a very good reason why we’re around. When I first began my own brewing career I read his book called Brewing Lager Beer cover to cover several times. He was a visionary human and it was an honor to at least meet him when I did. This tribute from his friends (and ours) from Smuttynose is modeled after the style that Greg developed and invented: a Black IPA.

-       Lost Nation Gose: you asked for it and we’re getting it back. This ale made with a good amount of wheat/salt/coriander is so refreshing it should be illegal. But, it isn’t. Which is a good thing because you should be drinking it.

-       Jack’s Abby NITRO Smoke and Dagger: remember when we had their cross between an schwarzbier and a porter made with a hint of beechwood-smoked malt? NITRO THAT! CREAM IT UP! DRINK IT DOWN! WOOOOHOOOOO!


Ok my friends. That’s enough of being off subject for one day. We will obviously be lucky enough to receive some goodies from Hill Farmstead and Lawson’s Finest so check in often to check out why we think we’re the luckiest people in the world.


I will leave you with one of my favorite quotes. It is from a man named Fred Shero (yes, this will have something to do with hockey). Just before game six of the 1974 Stanley Cup Finals, Shero walked into the Flyers dressing room and the players went silent, apparently waiting (with respect) to hear the game plan for the evening. Shero did not speak a word. He simply walked up to the chalkboard and wrote, “Win today, and we walk together forever.” Then, he walked out. The Flyers won. Bernie Parent was named MVP and won himself a car for the honor. He (Parent) promptly gave the car to his coach.


Go Team.




Number Three.