Data Entry: Seventeenth Day of September Year Two Thousand Fourteen: 14:56


Well, folks, my time in the woods is coming to an end. I have to make it out of here and back to the “real” world for an event that I’ve been waiting a long time to come to fruition.


Do you remember a while ago when I took a second here to talk about a film that I was involved in? I remember asking for your support (probably monetarily, knowing me) in getting the project off the ground and into the screen. Well, we made that film. I didn’t have nearly the amount of responsibility as the others involved (I just had to run and get filmed doing so) but I feel proud of the project for the folks involved and for you, who get a chance to witness and watch it.


So, I will be coming back to the civilized world on September 27th and I’ll be going to the Vermont College of Fine Arts Chapel where there is the first screening in Vermont of the film 100 Head/Heart/Feet. Please take a moment to watch the trailer and try to hold back your excitement. I’ll wait for you to do so, so take your time.


Now that I have your undivided attention, here’s the details (why do people insist on calling it “deets” all of a sudden?):


The screening is at 6 PM on Saturday, September 27th in the chapel of the Vermont College of Fine Arts. The film (as you’ve just seen) is the story of a journey; a quest to see where the human potential takes a common man, a man who is just like you and me and has his responsibilities and obligations. It’s about finding the will to go one more step to achieve your goals.


In order to see the film (have I mentioned yet that we’ll be pouring beer at this event?) you need to get tickets. There is a limited amount of space for the screening so please don’t hesitate to run down to the taproom and get some. The tickets are $5 and all proceeds are going to the Vermont Adaptive Sport & Ski. So, at the taproom we’re selling these tickets (there might be space at the door as well) and they’re $5 cash and we’ll put your name (actually, you’ll write your name) on the “will call” list and then you can see the film.


I’m pretty excited for it and I think you’ll be able to tell because I’m not trying to be funny and my writing (well, the translation of my writing) gets kind of bland and simple when I’m excited. It’s weird that way. I’ll be reminding you about this again next week but I felt like if I gave everyone a solid “heads” on this you might get a chance to buy a ticket for the film. I’ll be there. You should too.


All that being said; you came here to read about beer. So, here’s some stuff to read about on that front while you wait around to see the film:


  • Shacksbury The Basque: this just went on and it’s far different from any other cider that you’re used to, I can guarantee that. It’s unfiltered (as most are) but it’s also naturally fermented. The yeast is there and the apples are there and you’re there holding it and then you sip on it and then smiles are like kittens you can just give them away. That was a popular music reference; we’re not giving away kittens.
  • Rising Tide Calcutta Cutter: who likes really good Double IPAs? You do! Yes you do!
  • North Coast Old #38: I’m a pretty big fan of Dry Irish Stouts and this one makes those smiles appear on my face hole. There’s something about a really dark beer that’s low in alcohol that looks like it should be a lot heavier than it is but it isn’t.
  • The Bruery Autumn Maple: Leave it to the good folks of California to make something that we here in the Republic know a little bit about. This beer is fermented with a house (to the Bruery) Belgian strain but it’s also made with a whole host of spices and yams. You did read that. You read the word yams.



Ok folks; that should be it for my penultimate transmission before I head back to the civilized world in order to watch the film 100 Head/Heart/Feet. I implore you to watch the trailer, get excited and then come down to the taproom to get your tickets. Bring cash.


Cheers to you all to all a good day.


Jerry, you can end the translation and just put the fake name I made up here:



Noah John Taproom.