My initial thoughts about the changes in our draft list (which happen, as you’re well aware, fairly often) my mind (as yours probably should/shouldn’t) usually goes to two succinct places. This comes while you watch the bartender wipe off the current offering on the chalkboard and readies themselves with white chalk in hand to unveil the next in line. Firstly and most obviously, I think of either Christmas or Birthdays. I WANT it to be that like. I want you to sit there in anticipation in that “what do you have up your sleeve” moment. But, realistically, what I actually think about is one of my best of friends who used to have the Men at Work song “Who Could it Be Now?” as a ring tone for his cellular telephone. It just never got old. That, my friends, is your earworm of the day. You can thank a man by the name of Mike Mooney.


These changes can come in the form of another beer, or they can come in a form of a style that we’ve been seeing a lot of recently and we wanted to share the new direction (which should be considered the new name of whatever boy band is up next – think of it, New Direction). What I’m talking about (or trying to) is the meteoric rise of ciders and meads. We’ll be keeping things pretty interesting in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned (or just read below and then stay tuned).


Hey! What are you doing this afternoon? Want to come down to Three Penny and watch some Champion’s League Footy (Soccer)? Cool, me too! Let’s go!


On with the show!


Oxbow Oxtoberfest: think about Octoberfest beers. Got it? Then think the pungent, juicy, half-funk of a beautiful Saison yeast. Yup. I also did have to swallow my drool.

Citizen Cider Bourbon Barrel Aged: I was going to mention this first, which would have made for a more fluid (pun) transition. But, well, good things come, right? Yes, this IS Citizen Cider’s Unified Press aged in Smuggler’s Notch Bourbon barrels. Yes, that is right. Yup. Uhun. Yes. Correct. Yes.

Citizen Cider Cran-Bro: Now I’m just ruining the surprise. After the Bourbon Barrel Aged Cider we’ll go to this Cider made with Cranberries (the Cran part) and Blueberries. There, now I’ve ruined EVERYTHING.

Hill Farmstead Harlan: there, I made it all better. Style: American IPA. Realistically: heaven juice.

Hill Farmstead Susan: wait for it…



I believe my work here is done. I do have a couple of other things to talk about but, well, that would just ruin the surprise (Lawson’s Finest Triple Play IPA) and that just wouldn’t be too nice if I couldn’t keep a secret (Abner) so let’s just leave it with the above and we’ll see you here.


And remember, we love your guts.




Maybe Three Penny? Maybe Not. You’ll just have to find out.