monster-beer-truck Friday, Friday, Friday! Get ready Montpelier, for the biggest Monster Truck Rally* Beer Tasting Competition of the year!

This Friday, Three Penny Taproom is going to explode! When the Make the Cut homebrew rivals go head to head!

Tom Poole’s Belgian Witbier versus Brett Seymour’s Schwarzbier! It’s tastebud twisting action from 3 PM on!

Watch the beers battle it out under one roof as you taste them both and place your vote! Three Penny Taproom Arena, this Friday at 3 PM! Don’t miss it! We’ll sell you the whole stool but YOU’LL ONLY NEED THE EDGE!

Learn more about the competition via this week's newsletter, and let us know you're coming via the Facebook Event!

(image via Deviant Art)

* There will unfortunately be no monster trucks involved with this event, but at least you get great homebrew!