I promise that I will soon get back to being funny. It’s something that I believe we can all switch on and off when there’s more pressing things to attend to presently. This week, the one you’re right in the middle of, is a celebration of what we actually do on a regular basis. It’s a national thing.


It’s Craft Beer Week.


This week will ultimately end with a celebration that we’re throwing for you with our friends from Smuttynose Brewing Company. They’re releasing their newest year round beer (the first in FIVE years!) HERE on FRIDAY! It’s called Bouncy House and it’s a Session IPA. It’s also the first beer out of their NEW FACILITY in Hampton NH. I’m personally excited about this because of my friendship with the people of Smutty and I’ve followed their success closely as I brewed in New Hampshire for quite some time. And, I can say that the people of Smuttynose are some of the nicest in the business and make the best sleeper beers out there (definition of the sleeper beer: with all the hub bub about this new beer and that new beer Smuttynose has been making some of the best in the country year in and year out since their inception: meaning, they’re not the hype, they’re the real deal).


While we spend our days and nights trying to bring you (dear reader) the best possible Craft Beers from around the world it’s our focus, this week, to reintroduce you to the pioneers of the craft on this side of the pond(s). With the amount of breweries popping up these days, it’s important (at least to me) to understand where this whole movement came from.


Imagine, if you will, that you have a passion for making olive oil. Your fire burns so bright that you’ve fashioned equipment out of old dairy tanks and borrowed money from anyone you know just to satiate your thirst. People told you that you were crazy. People said that the run of the mill olive oil was good enough and that their grandfathers made food with it so why change it? You know better. You know what good olive oil tastes like and how good it can be. You buy the best olives you can get, forgoing all reason for using substandard ingredients. Ok, you have your product. Now, it’s time to sell it.


But no one wants your olive oil. They like their bland, tasteless oil just fine. But, you press on. You’re not satisfied until the whole country (nee WORLD) is using your olive oil. And you succeed.


Your triumph happens out of sheer blind faith and perseverance. There’s a shift in the thinking. People start branching out to try different kinds of olive oil from all over the place. People stop wanting the regular old oil and they want a product from a purer source, a more local source. And it grows, this love for a crafted, high quality product.


But, it wouldn’t have happened had you not endured with the knowledge that there will always be a better olive oil out there.


So, today and for this week (who are we kidding – we do this a lot) I implore you to revisit some of these pioneers that we’re bringing in for you to try. Maybe these beers are your mainstay or maybe you haven’t visited with them in a while. I guarantee; them there’s some good olive oil.


[Editor’s Note: I have extremely limited knowledge on the production of olive oil. I just thought it would make a nice metaphor. My apologies for any imperfections.]


The following is a shout out to the innovators, the dreamers, the insert Dr. Seuss reference here-er’s. It’s also a thank you. Because without them, where would we be today?


If I miss someone, please respond to this email because I love that sort of thing (I’ll be missing some on purpose for that reason):


Cheers to you:


-       Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

-       Boston Beer Company/Samuel Adams

-       Stone Brewing Company

-       Anchor Brewing Company

-       Stoudt’s Brewing Company

-       New Albion Brewing Company

-       Alaskan Brewing Company

-       Allagash Brewing Company

-       Brooklyn Brewing Company

-       Dogfish Head Brewing Company

-       And, of course, Smuttynose Brewing Company.


That’s about it for this week my friends!


Cheers to Craft Beer!




Penny The Innovator