Well, I don’t know what y’all do before you go to bed at night or even in the morning if you work at night and have a different schedule than most (I’ve had all schedules in my life and know the struggle of working at night and having to sleep during the day time, if you want to, if you want to) but I, for one person that gets to interact digitally with you once a week, listen to music.  

I find that music is like most things; there’s always a way to compliment life. Beer is no different. Or, if beer isn’t your thing, ice cream then. It’s completely and really all about complimenting the life that you have and the part of the day depends on the way in which to augment or sprinkle a dash of friendly companionship to have a shotgun-riding co-pilot.


Before we start talking about the new collaboration between (betwixt? No, it would be between) Tired Hands Fermenteria and Hill Farmstead (of the Bend Greensboro), which is called “Karma Emulsion” and how it really IS a seemingly perfect marriage of Hill Farmstead Edward and Tired Hands HopHands, which are both American Pale Ales in their separate day jobs. And before we start talking about the Almanac Hoppy Sour with El Dorado hops (one of my favorite hop varieties) and before we start talking about the Lawson’s Finest Fayston Maple Stout with Coffee that will hopefully be on soon as well as a VERY special offering coming from the Lawsons’ the end of the week and before we start talking about the really rare Flanders Red coming on soon from Smuttynose that spent three years in oak waiting to be the sour love in your life and before we start talking about the Lost Nation Gose that’s so amazing on a hot day like today and before we start even trying to discuss the Il Padrino sandwich that we have on now that makes my mouth water just thinking about the fact that it’s a pressed sandwich with our house chorizo and has a great blend of sweet and spice; we should talk about two or three little snippets of music that I’ve found recently that are really really good.



Part 1, in which Doris gets her oats:


THIS is the link. You should take the time to check it out before reading the rest; it’s about 10 minutes. I watch it just about once a day and keep pulling nuances from it. There’s a really good reason he won the MacArthur Grant. From the fact that he chooses a simple (for him I’m sure), melodic, traditional piece and morphs it into an incredibly beautiful rendition of a Radiohead song (which was NOT designed for a mandolin) to the fact that he pulls the greatest trick a musician can pull: play soft and your audience will be forced to listen. By playing the waltz first, perfectly, he allows himself to do the cover with an audience that’s paying full attention to what he plays. It’s brilliant. Have fun. Cheers.



Part 2, which is not safe for work and uses some fairly harshish language but I’m more focusing on the beat here, mostly the way in which it changes in the “bridge” section of the song. I got turned on to this song and put it on my running mix (I have one of these – also known as the greatest invention in the modern era and no, I have not played Pokeman Onward and don’t really intend to but you should deduce from my song selection that I do not judge so if you do play that game I love you just the same) and it’s infectious. I should also say that it’s not really safe for work (NSFW) and uses some fairly harshish language but I’m more focusing on the beat here. Oh, yeah, the song, HERE it is, have fun, it’s just a song.



Part 3, in which Doris has her oats and is no longer hungry:


THIS song is one that has eluded my ability to understand how to replicate it. I’m also a musician (it’s like saying you’re a runner – if you run, you’re a runner. I play instruments; it doesn’t mean that I’m the greatest guitar/banjo/mandolin player in the world but I’ve been known in common circles as someone who can play music) and spent a good deal of time “covering” songs for other people to listen to but I have ONE stipulation when it comes to playing someone else’s song; if I can’t sing it either as good or better than the original (or if I can’t find my own voice within the song and make it a little bit “my own”) then I will play the melody instrumentally. But, with this song, I’ve had more trouble getting the rhythms to match with some semblance of justifying the need to play the song in the first place, let alone trying to emulate the melody with respect to the original voice. He’s just the best. You can always pick his voicing out of a line up and say, “yeah, that’s the Blues Boy King right there.”




There you have it y’all. This thing is supposed to be about beer and stuff and today you got more stuff than beer.



Andtheywouldntgiveittoandre3000? Taproom




Post Script: and if you didn’t know, today was the day, in 1969, that there was a human that walked on the moon. I’ll always remember that snippet because, growing up, we would always make that joke on my brother’s birthday. Because, it’s the same day as the day in history when humans put one of our own on the Earth’s moon. For those that know my brother he’s a pretty fantastic specimen of human. He’s a visionary, someone who sees opportunity in almost everything, who sees good in all people, who can always walk into a room and command attention. If you see him (which at times gets difficult because he’s so busy that sometimes “seeing” Scott is more like a blur), wish him a Happy Birthday. There’s not many people on the planet Earth that deserves it more than him. Tell him I love him while you’re at it. I’ll do it too but you should probably do it as well.