Here’s a little bit more about what you’re going to have to choo-choo-choose from when the crew from Exhibit “A” gets here Saturday (August 19th – for those away from a calendar). That would have been a great time to end that sentence with a colon and go from there but, well, we’re all about breaking the “norms” aren’t we?


Goody Two Shoes: we have to use the word “style” here because it’s not technically brewed in Cologne, Germany (last time I checked) but what we have here is a fantastic Kolsch Style, rounding out that straw colored goodness with a crisp finish and a malty profile. They make theirs with both the Warthog and Vienna Malts from Valley Malt in Hadley, Mass and with the noble hop Tettnanger and Mandarina Bavaria hops.


Hair Raiser Double IPA: a Maris Otter malt backbone gives way to the waves of Galaxy, Mosaic, Azacca and High Oil Cascade hops in this lovingly balanced Double version of everyone’s favorite India Pale Ale.


Demo Tape 11 Side B: a Double Dry Hopped Wheat with the Valley Malt’s Warthog and the hops of Mosaic and Ekuanot, both of the hops you are looking for, but also made with raw honey from a place you may have heard of; Barr Hill.


Leitmotif Opus 5: lots going on here folks: kettle soured and fermented with Saison yeast it’s given fresh grapefruit and lime and then dry hopped with Citra hops. If you read that sentence really carefully it’ll tell you all you’ll need to know.



We’ll see you here for the drinking (ALL DAY or while supplies last (wouldn’t it be SIPplies?)) and for the meeting (4-6 is when Matt and the crew are scheduled to be here) Saturday!