Hello Friends!  

Well, we’ve had or new menu online for less than a week but, well, it’s incredibly exciting and delicious.


Some highlights (not trying to exclude anything here, I don’t want to hurt the burger’s feelings but, well, you already knew of him and he’s already been in you and I figured I would mention some of the newer folks on the block so stop sulking Mr. Burger):


- Chorizo Piquillo Peppers: imagine a slightly sweet/spicy pepper with our chorizo inside of it. Now imagine it in you. All good things.


- FIVE different ways to enjoy our hand cut world famous French Style Fries (House Fries (you know this one, it’s with the highly addictive TPT sauce and sautéed onions), Chili Fries (our “coney sauce”), Cheese Fries (that cheese sauce that comes with the pretzels, that one) and Chili Cheese Fries (because you know what you’re doing – even says that on the menu)!


- FOUR different kinds of Burgers! The aforementioned Mr. Burger, the TPT Burger with the pickled hots and our peanut butter, a Quinoa-Black Bean Burger and a Falafel Burger.


- Scotch Egg.


- Scotch Egg.


- Scotch Egg.


- New Comprised Salad! Grilled Radicchio ‘Wedge’ with blue cheese dressing (yes, you can now have our Buttermilk Wings with blue cheese dressing, just ask), pork belly lardon, chopped egg and croutons.


- Other stuff as well but I don’t want to write out the whole menu.





We’re still on the train of giving (different than the Wayne Train – anyone who knows me knows what I’m talking about Go Flyers) and next Tuesday we’re going to be donating 5% of ALL SALES to Vermont Access to Reproductive Freedom. This is a great organization working to ensure that Women have the right to control what happens to their health and bodies. As I’m sure you’re inclined to not only agree but also want to support this great cause, you should come in a donate to them by eating awesome food and drinking awesome libations. Did I mention that we have a new cocktail list coming soon?


On to the beer:


- You’re going to see a LOT of Hill Farmstead coming down the pipeline in the next few days if it hasn’t already. Expect Sumner, Harlan, Susan, a whole host of different versions of Society & Solitude including #2, which is like an Imperial Black IPA. Well, it’s not “like” an Imperial Black IPA, it IS an Imperial Black IPA. Also, Of First & Last things…I’m not going anywhere with this, that’s the name of the beer. Oh, and Abner, which you love.


- Lawson’s Finest Equinox will also be on but it won’t be long, won’t be looooooooong…


- One of these days (that’s the song I just referenced) we will also have Evil Twin’s Imperial Biscotti Break that’s been hanging out in our basement for two years waiting for the opportunity to introduce itself to you. Well, it got called to the show and it’s on deck.





That should be good enough for you for this week but if it’s not, send me a line (kevin@threepennytaproom.com) and I’ll basically write as fast as I can at you in a non-secular format.