Apparently, I’m in need of a new hobby.  


Well, at least that’s according to the police (not the band).



Apparently, I’m not “supposed” to cover random objects in duct tape. There’s something called a “piece of property” that “isn’t” mine to “cover in the silver goodness that is duct tape spelled in the same way that you spell the piping that comes out of a heating vent and not in the way of the mallard.” And, apparently, I’m late to the “party” to the fact that my actions are not “sociologically accepted by the masses.” Also, according to the police (not the band) I have to “ask” people whether or not they want their cars or other “delicate objects” covered in duct tape from “head to toe” or from the “rooter to the tooter.”



“Nuts to that,” I says.



So, I’m unleashing a new hobby, one that is more colorful (because “apparently” that was the sole reason why my Duct Bombing wasn’t going over well, that’s got to be the reason why since I can’t think of anything else that would anger people when they get back to their car or other delicate object and it’s covered in duct tape) so that people will appreciate my efforts.



So I’m taking my efforts in the way of the Yarn.



I figure it’s never been done before and if I start covering things with Yarn (yes, I capitalize the “Y,” why not? (get it?)) then the police (not the band – they loved the Duct) can’t really have a problem with it anymore and leave me to my obsession of covering random objects in Duc..YARN…that’s what I was going to say. Yarn. That’s the new leaf.



Here’s the most recent picture of my work that I stole from someone on the internet.




Here’s another.




And, over here, if you look really close, you’ll find another.



This is a distraction.




And now we talk about beer!



In between putting Duc..YARN on things I sometimes talk about beer. You want to hear it? Hear it goes…



  • Lawson’s Finest Spruce Bitter will come on when the time is right and it’ll be an ESB (Extra Special Bitter) made with spruce tips right from the backyard of Mr. Lawson himself. He promises that he didn’t hurt the tree. And I did NOT cover the tree with anything.
  • If you get here quick enough, you might be able to try the new India Pale Ale from Hill Farmstead called “Of First & Last Things” (I used the rabbit ears correctly there although I probably should have put it in italics). Not much is known in the way of what’s inside the beer but I can tell you that what’s inside you after having it is lovely bunnies with carrot noses.
  • Also, Almanac (California) Farmer’s Reserve Citrus just went on and it’s for sure a wonderful sour with citrus. It’s really wondering how wonderful it really is actually.
  • We also put on a 2014 version of Smuttynose’s Tripel, which was aged in White Wine Barrels and I’m not really sure where the capitalization came from in that one. It’s great.
  • And you can stop asking me to put a straight Hefeweizen on tap because Idletyme (formerly Crop Bistro) came to the rescue like the friggin’ Superman do and now we have it so we can now put it in you.
  • Also, Foley Brother’s Prospect Imperial IPA is slated to go on pretty soon so please be here for it because you’re going to want to drink it.



I should say that I have absolutely NOTHING against Yarn Bombing and that I’ve NEVER covered anything in duct tape (that’s a lie). I actually love Yarn Bombing, I think it’s hilarious and wonderful. Duct Bombing; not so much. Don’t do that. It’s sticky.



Quick and painful from me this week folks so I hope you’re all doing awesome and that your glasses are rose colored and when you take them off or drink out of them they go clear again because it would be weird if it stayed pink.



Until the next we meet,



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