You know what's entirely awesome? when your favorite baseball or football team wins the championship. Even more awesome than that? when your favorite baseball and football teams both win the championship at just about the same time (better still when that happens in recent memory!).

You know what's decidedly horrific? that there are thousands upon thousands of our neighbors here in Vermont who are unable or struggle mightily to feed themselves and their families. Actually, I'd argue that in the wealthiest nation in the history of civilization, at a time of global wealth beyond the wildest imaginations of human-kind merely a hundred years ago, that any one struggles to be fed is, simply, criminal- but we can have that conversation over a beer some other time if you'd like.

The good news is that we have absolutely terrific organizations, such as the Vermont Foodbank, who work tirelessly to raise awareness of hunger among our neighbors here in the Green Mountains as well as to get these friends fed a proper, nutritious meal. And this is where I tie-in that first paragraph to the one that followed it: on Saturday, October 17 from 2:00 to 5:00 in the afternoon we've arranged to have both a Boston Red Sox World Series trophy as well as a New England Patriots Super Bowl trophy on hand, and for a simple suggested donation of $5 to the VT Foodbank, we're inviting you to come down and get your picture taken with them!

We'll have the trophies set-up out back in the parking lot of Onion River Sports on Langdon Street, and a professional photographer on hand- you'll be able to download your picture for free from a webpage or have it professionally printed for a small cost if you'd like. Getting your picture taken with a World Series and Super Bowl trophy is cool enough- doing so while helping out those in our communities in most need of help is down right crazypants awesome- can't wait to see you there!