It's that time of year- Oktoberfest beers are in full effect!  We've regularly been rotating between any combination of outstanding samples of traditional marzen beers by Stoudt's, Victory, and Vermont's own Trapp, to name a few.  In addition, we just ran through a couple kegs of Hill Farmstead's newest, Ephraim- a triple IPA that is quickly making a huge name for itself among IPA lovers.  In short, if you find yourself visiting the ol' 8-0-2 for this foliage season, be sure to keep a stop here to the Taproom as part of your travel plan.  Our website has a list of what's on tap- we usually get it updated at least once a week (I'm trying to get better about doing it more often). Also, we just got in some new tee shirts- they feature our logo front and center and are a super-soft, really nice cotton/poly blend; one of the highest quality shirts around, actually.

But back to beer- look for a long-overdue update to our bottle list in the coming days.  We've finally sold the last of some real slow-movers, and brought in some fun new things for you to try (heeellllooooo St Somewhere).

Till next time- when I may have some  really exciting news for you (maybe).....