Go ahead; I implore you, define love. This Saturday is known in most common circles (at least ones that go around and around with no beginning nor end – unless you’re one of those people who run in isosceles circles where one of you in a twin) as a day to celebrate love. There have been many accounts as to why this date in our calendar has such brevity but the long and short of it is that it’s full of the color red and candy buttons and chocolate and people running around (at least in Montpelier) putting paper facsimiles of “hearts” in phantom like fashion. Which is great; people need to know that you love them. You need to have love in your heart or you’ll just wither into a raisin and who likes grapes that are all dried up? That’s like a tricycle only having two wheels. And, who’s ever heard of a BI-Cycle? That’s just weird.

Anyway, yes, we have some special stuff planned for you this Saturday and it’s mostly our Kitchen looking to pull on your gut-strings while you’re busy getting your organ pulled on (from the chest cavity).

What you can expect is a Prix Fixe menu (we’ll have our regular menu as well for those that don’t like sharing – I’m one of those people so don’t feel left out) for those who like sharing [redundant]. You’ll get an amazing Frisse salad with blood orange, feta and beets. You’ll also get a Prime Rib the size of your collective heads that meant to be enough for two. And, Noel will rock your sweet teeth with a lovely dessert plate that’ll get yours and you in the “mood.” (I had to do that – it’s because that’s the first thing that comes to my head when I mention the word “mood” and the “advertisement” that comes up prior is just pure genius of me and I hope it’s the same for you because you’ll chuckle if you’re not one to giggle.)

Also, all of these lovely foodstuffs will be complete with suggested pairings from our draft menu. It’s because we love you, see?

We also love beer.



That’s why we’d LOVE to welcome OSKAR BLUES BREWING COMPANY next TUESDAY into the great republic of Vermont. They’re new to the state and we wanted to wish them well with their awesome beers. So, we’ll have at the very least FOUR of their offerings on tap INCLUDING their BRAND NEW YEAR ROUND OFFERING that is a style that you’re all REALLY BIG FANS OF ALREADY. Stay tuned to our social media outlets to know exactly which style it is but you should definitely beer here for the event.

Also, I promised to keep you abreast of the fact that the 28th will be pretty crazy around here as we celebrate Peche Day with our friends from Dieu Du Ciel!

Put that on your calendar.

We’ll have four different versions of Peche Mortel.


I’m usually not one for being a loss for words (as you probably could have guessed/deduced) but I really can’t begin to express the awesomeness that I just wrote. It’s going to be like a jacket just before you head out into a snowstorm. It’s going to be “off the hook.”

As far as leading up to that day we’ve got a couple of things that you should keep your eye on at the Taproom.

Firstly, the Dupont Avec Les Bon Voeux, which is a higher in alcohol version of their famous Saison perfectly suited for the colder months that we’re seeing right now.

Also, you should drink Ten/Fidy. It’s the aforementioned Imperial Stout that we’ve put on as a teaser from that Oskar Blues awesomeness I mentioned.

And, if you haven’t yet been there, the Hill Farmstead Society & Solitude #2 just kind of makes you go “hmmm.” In a good way. I’ve seen people try to figure out how in the world something that has a bit of alcohol behind it and such an intense hoppiness can be that smooth. You should try to figure it out for yourself.

All that and a bag a midnight cowboys folks, that’s what I have for you this week.

I’m doing my foreign study next week and someone else will be shouting at you so until I return with my soil samples, please take care and give some love. In fact, if you give more love than you receive, you’re always going to be doing something right.


Sir Gawain Taproom

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