Wow.  Matt, Scott and I just got back from Chico, CA, where we attended Sierra Nevada's "Beer Camp".  The program brings about a dozen or so folks (sometimes bar owners, sometimes hop growers, etc) to the Sierra Nevada place in Northern Cali to learn all about their absolutely incredible facility and operations, and to sit down with Steve Grossman (Sierra founder Ken Grossman's brother) and Scott and Mark from their "pilot brewery" (a 10-barrel system where they experiment on new ideas) (i.e., one of the coolest jobs in the world) to brew a one-off batch of a beer of our own design.  The result?  later this spring we'll be one of just five (well, six including the taproom at the factory) accounts in the world selling Sierra Nevada Knightro- a creamy, nitrogenated ESB.  We're thinking it's going to be pretty gosh darn good beer (the folks at Sierra all seemed pretty excited about it too).  It'll also be the first nitrogenated beer Sierra has ever done (they're going to have to instal nitro into their on-site restaurant to accomodate it!).  There'll be more to say about it once we get it on hand, probably in May sometime.  We'll keep you posted.