Prepare yourselves now and you’ll be ready for action when the day comes. When I was a younger puppy I was fortunate enough to go to Boarding School (ALA VIVA!) and twice a week we were required to come together as a school and meet at the chapel where someone would speak and maybe someone else might play a number on the piano or something. It was a great communal thing to do actually and I didn’t mind them at all. Well, once a year there was a Science professor that would get up (I can’t remember his name and since I don’t want to be wrong I’m not even going to guess – but he was well respected within the school and he had a boat load of sonority when it came to the other professors – and I appreciated his knowledge and dry wit – he was a fantastic motivator/professor) and sing this really awesome tongue-in-cheek song about the Boy Scouts that always comes to mind when someone says “Be Prepared.”

The song had a kind of up beat feel to it with a really raucous chorus and a silent bass-driven melody that allowed the professor to pronounce the lyrics with succinct accuracy. However, the only part of this song that I can ever recall (which is the relevance here) is when he would sing the chorus (which was a resounding “AH-BE PREPARED!!!”). Well, that and one of the lyrics was, “Be prepared to hide your liquor when the headmaster is near,” which, to the 13-17 year old me was pretty funny and I couldn’t believe that a professor would actually get up in front of other professors and actually sing that lyric.



We have a lot of events planned for you during this month and I just wanted it to be known to you before you’re all like, “but nobody told ME about it.” Well, I’m bloody telling you right now.

Firstly, on the 17th of this month (it’s a Tuesday) we’re hosting the launch for Oskar Blues Brewery into the state of Vermont. This is a brewery that has been around for a long time and has, basically, introduced the whole craft-beer-in-a-can thing to the world with their Dale’s Pale Ale and all. We’ll have their classics as well as some curveballs (including their new year round offering!) on tap for you to enjoy and the good folks from Oskar’s will be here to talk to you and say “What’s Up!” So, plan on that and AH-BE PREPARED!

Secondly, and I know this is a little far off but you need to know about this so that you can write it in your daily planner I mean your phone because who actually uses those things anyway (I probably should – and I know one person who shall remain nameless who LOVES them).

On the 28th of this month we’re one of two (2) places in the Unites States (that’s the land that surrounds the Republic) who’ll get a chance to host “Peche Day.” If you’ve ever heard of a brewery called Dieu Du Ciel! you might have just got excited. Well, you should be. We’ll have at least four (4!) different variations of Peche Mortel (their insanely delicious Imperial Stout with Coffee) for you to try as well as other goodies on tap and in bottle so that you can love us more. Because; we love you. That’s why we’re doing this.

I know it’s a ways away but it’s probably important to tell you now so you can, wait for it, be what? That’s right. AH-BE PREPARED!!!

Here’s some of the stuff that you might be interested in that we’ve got going on right now at the place you love so much (or coming on soon).

Hill Farmstead Galaxy: a single hop pale ale that’s OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! Get it?

Fiddlehead Second Fiddle: Double IPA made out of excellence with a touch of OMG. We just thought it’d be prudent to have some double IPAs to try right now while they’re fresh. Speaking of which…

Stone Enjoy By: It’s going to go on and then it’s going to leave by St. Valentine’s Day, which is kind of fitting for anyone who’s ever had that spurned lover who decided that either Valentine’s Day or your birthday is the best time to have “the talk.” Well, talk to this beer. It loves you.

There’s obviously more but that’s a pretty solid indicator of what’s going on before we tell you all about it over again next week so that you don’t forget and then I’m leaving the country to do one of my soil sample testing trips for a week so whomever writes this email that week will lie to you and tell you I’m in a foreign country but I’m bound to cross the line.

Until then, neighbors, AH –BE PREPARED!!!!


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