I know not where the actual origin or definition of the phrase “wearing many hats” comes from nor do I actually want to force myself down that rabbit hole in order to mentally understand the idiom. However, when looking at what usually occurs behind the scenes here at the Penny that is Three the phrase makes perfect sense to what you (the reader/imbiber) do not see until someone emerges from the back with a keg of beer in their hands and a wet towel destined for the chalkboard. We personify just about everything around here and the chalkboard(s) are no exception. To us (probably just to me but I’m being “poetic”), everything about our spot has a purpose, a soul, a living entity that we must keep fed and pet and loved and polished. To that end, our chalkboard as of late and as of the foreseeable future is going to wear its share of hats.


You may even get to see it with your very own eyes. That beer you’re enjoying might, at a moments notice, disappear only to have something of equal deliciousness replace it wearing a completely different hat and dancing to a completely different song but absolutely fantastic nonetheless. Let’s take a trip, shall we?


These are just a snippet of examples of things that you’ll see grace the board in the coming days – don’t blink or you might miss it (or, you could just hang out with us ALL the time and you’ll see it a lot):


Founders Boyl’R Mayk’R: Well, what the good folks of Founders Brewing Company did here is take standard Pale Ale and age it in bourbon barrels. Because, why not? Right? Might as well…


Zero Gravity Villier’s ESB: check it. The British (in all of their infinite wisdom) used to make this beer called a “bitter.” Back in the days of yore, people could just walk (maybe they still do. Maybe, just maybe, I should try this…Ok, give me a second. I’m just going to take a plane across the pond and try this out. I’ll be right back.















[Wow. England is certainly nice this time of year. I’m way overdressed. This looks like a nice pub. Excuse me, mother (that’s a trick I learned from my past – some people call their bartender’s “mother” in countries that aren’t the United States) can I have a pint of bitter please? All right. That settles it. Gotta go back now.]


Where was I? Oh. So, back in the days of yore people would actually just walk into an establishment of victuals and just say they wanted a pint of “bitter” and they got handed a beer. No list of 24 to choose from: people wanted beer, they got beer. Well, brewers wanted something “special” to choose from so they started making a “Special Bitter.” Not to be outdone, brewers then started making an EXTRA Special Bitter. That’s what this offering is from Zero Gravity. It’s Extra Special, just like you. That seemed like a very expensive explanation.


Moving right along footloose and fancy free. (jet lag is real)


Let’s also talk about the hat that is Allagash’s Red Howes. You all know that Allagash makes some pretty good beers, right? Well, they went and made a Belgian (as they’re want to do) Style Stout and added cranberries. Sounds pretty good to me.


I really can’t waste your time anymore without describing the cap that says Lawson’s Finest Big Hoppy can I? That’s a hat I can’t wear because it’s just TOO cool.


Oh, and another one of our favorite hats is back right now. You know, that single hopped (Citra) wheat IPA hat that’s really cool with a really cool color scheme and flat brimmed named Conehead, that one.


My point here this week kittens is that there’s a LOT of changes that are going to be made to the boards in the coming days/weeks and it’s best if y’all hang around to check it. Because; we want you to.


I promise to return to being funny next week. For now, it was “just the facts.”



Please smile lots and tell yourselves that we love you.


Until Then,


I’m a long tall penny; I wear a ten-gallon hat (he’s long penny, wears a ten gallon hat). When people look at me they say, “Ooh Gawd, Ooh Lawd is that your hat?”


And I say yes, yes it is. It is my hat.