You caught me with my pants down.  


I’m (self-appointedly) pretty knowledgeable about a vast array of things that I can expound on at a moments notice and sometimes I get to show that off (read: my truth busting dissertation on the historical contents of Halloween in a previous post (all truths, all the time)). But, this is not one of those times.


Today, we’re discussing ciders.


And while I’m pretty sure I know a little bit more about the subject than most people I am by far an abecedarian in this regard. That’s why we’ve invited a WHOLE bunch of people who make cider to come down to the Tap Room NEXT TUESDAY (The 18th) and hang out. They’ll be here to discuss ANYTHING you’re going to want to know about this old timed victual that’s sweeping across the state. And, I’ve heard that people who go visit other places yearn to be in Vermont and drink our ciders. I’m bringing in a TON of different ones for you to try and catch the discernable differences. The list is basically too long to go over with you right now and I’d rather the people who REALLY know about ciders to be able to tell you themselves. I wouldn’t want to give you false information. What brings about this event? What in the world has shifted the tectonic plates in a way where the stars and galaxies are in uniform to transform our Tap Room into a living breathing cacophony of cider knowledge?


Vermont Cider Week; That’s what.


Yes. This Friday starts off an array of fantastic events based around the cider culture in Vermont and the wares of these producers. So, our deal for Cider Week was to invite the cider producers down to meet you; the cider drinkers. So that’s next Tuesday at 6 PM. Don’t worry, we’ve already told them awesome things about you.


Secondly, our friends at the Urban Farm Fermentory in Portland, Maine are going to start having their own wares available in our great state and we’d like to welcome them with open arms. So, we’re inviting them (and YOU) to be here next Friday (The 21st) as we celebrate their products being available to us. And, if it’s any indicator, as soon as their Kombucha is available, it’s going on our bottle list. It’s just that good. I’ll remind you about it next week again.


Thirdsens, I kind of specifically put this third because there’s only 32 seats available. But, we’re culminating the entire week with our very own Cider Dinner on the 23rd. It’s a Sunday night, there’s going to be a bunch of awesome food paired with a bunch of great ciders from Champlain Orchards and we’re going to have a really good time. So, its $45 per person and the space is extremely limited (I’ve said that) so you should probably either stop by or call and get your seats reserved. If you haven’t been paying attention our kitchen is off the hook right now and if you’ve been lucky enough to pick up on the fact that every Sunday the team puts together (lead by Chefano – that’s not his name, it’s really Stefano but Chefano works better for me) a ridiculous menu. Not to take away anything from our regular menu. But, Sundays are off the gear and then the chain falls off and you fall into a puddle of drool and then you put the chain back on and get something to eat.


Don’t fret, pets, we will also have some beer on tap for you to enjoy.


Some of those hits include but are not limited to:


Sierra Nevada Celebration: we love when this fresh hop IPA comes out every year and we look forward to it in the same way that we look forward to the first snow fall so we can all go out on the streets as a community and shout “Bon Hiver!” at each other (I think I live in the television show Northern Exposure sometimes – why don’t we do that?).


Stone Lucky Bastard: you know about Arrogant Bastard. Well, this one is even more so curmudgeonly it seems. It’s a blend of Arrogant Bastard, OAKED Arrogant Bastard and Double Bastard. And then they blend the three.


Ommegang 2011 Adoration: this is our Tasty Keg for the week. I would describe this Belgian Style Strong Ale with a varying array of spices with the word, Tasty. And, the age really lets the heat go away.



You’ll notice that in the beer section of this memo I chose from three “bigger” breweries. Well, I don’t do anything that isn’t on purpose. It’s all about balance. While you’re enjoying the wares of the smaller, more “craft” (I can’t believe I even used that word. It doesn’t seem to encapsulate what these producers are actually doing and it downplays what the actually bigger players are doing) cideries and breweries there will always be the ones that used to be small and now they aren’t anymore. We all grew from somewhere. I grew from New Jersey. And LOOK AT ME NOW!!! I probably should have enclosed a picture. You can’t see me from where you are.



Anyway, we’ll see you all here next Tuesday and next Friday and then we’ll see some of you the Sunday after that.




The Pomum of our Taproom