I think we all have at least one; it’s that season in the past where something happened that was not in the script; something happened that was not planned when thinking of or setting our ducks up in advance. The most recent example happened to my favorite Mirabelle in all of the land. Mira is turning seven this summer and had just finished up schooling for the year. She was playing with friends on a trampoline and ended up hurting her leg and now she’s pretty well bummed because for the next six weeks or so, she’s not very mobile.  

That’s what I mean by one of “those” seasons. It’s like, “oh man I’m so excited to get to this point in my life right now because I’ve been looking forward to it so much and I can’t really contain how excited I am about this and then oh man I broke my leg at the beginning of summer and now I’m really sad.”


Well, I did mention that she’s my favorite Mirabelle in all the land and I’m going to use this platform to see if you will help me cheer her up.


This is my idea: I’m sure most of you don’t live in Montpelier (if you do, Howdy Neighbor!!!). I’m sure that, wherever you do live, is probably not a place that Mira has visited. I’m sure you have postcards where you live. I’m sure you’d LOVE to send Mira a postcard (if you send it to the Taproom (108 Main Street/Montpelier/VT/05602), I’ll be sure to get it to her personally) from where you live and let her know that everything’s going to be all right and bright again soon. She doesn't know about this and it's probably better if you didn't mention it to her as it would thwart the surprise.


It’s just a thought. It would mean a lot to a soon-to-be seven year old (6 and 3/4s!!!) and it would bring a good old smile to that face of hers. Thanks in advance.




Also, beer!



I love summer for the sole fact that I get to bring in and put on the types of beers I typically enjoy the most (Pilsners are my personal fav-o-rito year a-round).


For those types of people that are likeminded with each other we will have the Zero Gravity Gose and all of its tart wheat with coriander and salt quenching goodness going on. We’ll also have the Idletyme (does anyone’s mind go straight to Outkast whenever you think about the word Idletyme? Do I think about Outkast too much?) Bohemia Pilsner on for a little bit and it’s a REALLY great interpretation of a German Style Pils with a little bit of bite followed by a lotta bit of floral hoppy flower taste. Also on those lists for those people is the Kolsch style family of the Ale Contingency. Kolsch’s (not really sure how the pluralizing works on that one) are basically a beer with an identity crisis; it’s technically an Ale (uses a yeast that works on the top and employs a warmer fermentation) but it’s fermented at the very low end of the spectrum that’s acceptable for the Ale yeast to do its thing. It’s also generally lagered (means “to store’) just like, well, Lagers. This results in a crisp beer that still retains the certain “fruity” (man I loathe that word when describing what an Ale yeast contributes to a beer but it seems like that is socially acceptable by most of the people who talk/write about beer) characteristics that develop through Ale fermentation. We’ll have Stone Corral’s Kolsch as well as one from Idletyme (OUTKAST!) that’s been infused with cherries.


We’ll also be rocking the other end of the spectrum (I’ve used the word twice now; this is the first thing that comes to mind when I think about that word and this is the second thing that comes to mind when I think about that word) soon when we put Hill Farmstead Earl on; it’s a Coffee Oatmeal Stout. And, we’re pouring the Mayflower Porter right now as well, which is a wonderful example of that style of beer made in American.


Somewhere in the middle we’ll have a brand spanking new American Pale Ale from Hill Farmstead that’ll be really good.


Also, please remember folks, when you find yourself in the taproom and want to know more about the beers that we have on tap, just ask the person who is attending to you; our staff is extremely helpful in guiding you towards something new or something that you might not have thought about trying. It’s all about the cinnamon. I’m not really sure what that is a reference to but I think I meant to say synonym. Again, not sure where the reference is there.




Have a great day!



Thank you,


Ifevertherewastobeacareerchangeyou’dfindmehere Taproom