Good Morning World!


Today’s message is short and sweet. I promise no run on sentences. Ok; “promise” is a strong word.


I just didn’t want you all to have to go another week without hearing how awesome you are. You really are. Our community (both the physical Central Vermont (and Vermont in general) community and the beer community at large) is what really makes us who we are. We could (proverbially) do it without you.


So, I’m taking this opportunity to wish you and yours a safe and Happy New Year and we’ll see you in the future (literally…since, we’re open for this evening’s ringing in of the New Year but we will totally be closed tomorrow).


We’re excited as to what the New Year will bring and we have a TON of great events lined up all seemingly perfectly fitting pieces into that puzzle we like to call happiness.


I’ll leave you with this teaser:


Winter is cold in Vermont! The Summit School of Traditional Music and Culture will heat things up by hosting ‘Spice on Snow’ Winter Music Festival January 9-12th, 2014. We are bringing nationally known acts to our small capitol city of Montpelier, including a very special Cajun cuisine expert and chef, Toby Rodriguez. Our stellar lineup of musical performers will include The Revelers (featured on the TV series ‘Treme’, and Anthony Bourdain’s ‘No Reservations’), Bruce Molsky (world renowned fiddler and folk musician) Richie Stearns and Rosie Newton (Ithaca, NY Old-time musicians extraordinaire), and Pete Sutherland and Yankee Chank (our local gems). We are so excited to celebrate the winter with dances, cooking classes, music workshops, and concerts. We plan on a weekend finale brunch at the Threepenny Taproom, a local favorite eatery, with live music and tasty Cajun breakfast foods catered by Toby.  The Summit School of Traditional Music and Culture is a non-profit folk music school located in Montpelier, Vermont. We host ongoing classes, workshops, and concerts year-round.  Tickets and full schedule available online:, email:, or call 802-917-1186  See you at the festival...




I love you all very much.




Kevin M Kerner