It’s almost that time. It’s almost time for the Superbowl. Which can only mean two things, dear reader. First, it means that we’re closed this Sunday.


Because this is the Sunday that has no American Football and we, as a family (of the Three Penny varietal) get together and close the doors and play games and have some fun together and remind ourselves how awesome we think we are and then we all come back on Monday with a good sense of our own awesomeness (which, apparently is a word since it’s not underlined by red (which is the way that my computer (I caved and entered the digital world for a week) lets me know that whatever way I wanted to spell a word was incorrect at that time; it uses green underlining when my grammar is better than theirs)).

Long story short: we’re closed this Sunday to the public. Sorry.

But, something that we will go over as a family is our BRAND NEW MENU THAT IS DEBUTING NEXT MONDAY!!!

I never use LARGE FORMATTED LETTERS so you know it’s good.

So, that’s the deal, no funny business. We’re closed this Sunday and then we’re opening up next Monday with a brand new menu. Just in case you missed those LARGE FORMATTED LETTERS!!! (and, apparently, exclamation points)

Second, next Sunday (the one following the one that we’re closed) is the Superbowl of American Football.

And that means, the dip-off.

That’s when you bring a dip to be judged while we’re all talking during the game (I have to say it: Go Pats) and completely silent during halftime (it happens) and then we all eat everyone’s dip and then we judge them accordingly. There’s not much to win except for the fact that you’ll be the coolest person in the room for about a year. So, plan on that. Go Pats. May the best team win (Go Pats) and may the coolest person win (I bring Copenhagen; think about it).

As far as beer is concerned, here’s what we’re excited about recently:

Lawson’s Finest Super Session #2: Have we talked about this? I just re-read the email that I sent last week and yes, apparently, we have. So; nothing to see here. These are not the droids you are looking for.

Hill Farmstead Society & Solitude #5: NUMBER FIVE IS ALIVE!!! It’s also a really nice double IPA made with a citrus fruit that you might eat that makes the beer citserious. I knew my computer wouldn’t like that word but I’m going with it.

Fiddlehead Second Fiddle: A very pleasant double IPA as well. Usually we are lucky enough to get only one or two of these special beers and this is no different. We have limited amounts, which means we only have a few pours to share with you until it’s gone and that’s the most redundant sentence in this entire email.

Man, we have a lot of hops on right now.

Because I also want to tell you about Jack’s Abby Hopstitution #6 which is a lovely India Pale LAGER which means that it’s triple hop brewed according to the advertisements (how do you pronounce it?) that we’ll actually pay attention to during the Superbowl of the American Football League. Also, the water comes from the deepest mountain and is delivered by people that are very attractive and swoop in by those body suits that make people look like flying squirrels after they’ve chiseled the beer out of a glacier because it was cold brewed. Only the best for you, my friends.

That’s it!

Be-deep Be-deep Be-deep.

Be well, do good work and keep in touch.

English Major Proud Taproom