And that’s when and how I invented electricity.  

And, that’s where you can find plutonium in a foreign country on the cheap.



You’re welcome.


According to the Oracle I’m supposed to tell you about my newest invention this week. She gave me a vision of a world where iced treats float around the streets of town in a mysterious musical vehicle. I’m supposed to make that vision a reality.


Here’s what I’m proposing: we’re going to get a truck, see, and we’re going to outfit it with speakers on the exterior of the frame in order to pump music like a pied piper leading the lemmings towards us. That’s when they’ll arrive at our refrigerated vehicle. And, that’s when we’ll offer them iced treats so that they can eat them.


This is my mock blueprint.


And this is the song we’re going to play.



Just kidding, THIS is the song we’re going to play.



Kidding again, I couldn’t help myself. So, HERE’S the real song.




And, just for good measure, I’m thinking of selling the following (I assure you, all copyrights are already obtained so please do not think of infringing on my brilliancy – and all of the names are preliminary, these are just off the top of my brilliant brain):


  • The “Big Sundae Cup”: we’re going to simply include ice cream (probably Vanilla) and some fudge…in a cup.
  • There’s something I’m calling the “Neopolitan Sandwich,” which will basically be Vanilla/Strawberry/Chocolate ice cream all in the same place and all in a sandwich form with chocolate breading replacement.
  • The “Screwball” will be very popular since it’ll basically just be some sort of gooey substance that the kids will have to suffer through in order to end up eating subpar bubblegum that’s strategically placed at the bottom of the conical vessel.
  • There’s for sure going to be something edible in the shape of Sonic the Hedgehog with subpar bubblegum eyes and oddly texturous ice cream.
  • Oh, and we’ll have something resembling how one would think strawberry shortcake “should” taste if it had even more sweetness to it.
  • Lastly, for my piece de resistance, I’ve invented a taco, made out of ice cream. It’ll probably have chocolate in it somehow resembling salsa you would put on a real taco but I haven’t figured out the name yet since I want it to rhyme and Chocolate and Taco don’t rhyme.



Of course, this is all in planning stages and everything will still be retooled and reexamined until I’ve felt it mastered.



But what does that have to do with beer and the fact that we’re going to have 6 (SIX!) different versions of Peche Mortel from Dieu Du Ciel! on this coming Saturday?








But, all I really had to do this week was remind you that we’re going to have SIX (6!) different versions of Peche Mortel from Dieu Du Ciel! on this coming Saturday. And that made me think of Choco Tacos. BRILLIANT! That’s what I’ll call it! That rhymes!


Thanks for your help.





We’ll have other beers on besides the six but I’d feel remiss if I didn’t showcase them first. I covered exactly which six we’ll have on last week but if you need a refresher, here you go. We’ve decided that because there’s six of them (may the stars help you if you get that reference) we’re going to offer “flights” of two at a time, with one being the regular can’t call it run of the mill Peche so that you, the sipper, can get a control and an abstract. We’ll be ready for you.



In addition, look forward to some Jade (American IPA with Pacific Jade hops) from Lawson’s Finest Liquids, some Ephraim (Imperial IPA) from Hill Farmstead, some Frost Beer Works Heavy (Imperial Stout), some Kellerbier from Zero Gravity (Kellerbier) and some Fair Maiden from Foley Brothers (Double IPA) among others.



See you Saturday!


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