Data Entry Log #8277:  

While Nyla was stroking Camock an idea came to me. Allakariallak (Nanook) had been working hard as of late and the bitter cold had been relentless as usual. I've been following this family around for almost a year and had yet to introduce (with purpose) any of my own special facets of my day to day that bring me happiness. So, a trip was planned. Nanook, Nyla, Allee, Cunayou, Allegoo and even Camock were summoned to the large Igloo to hear about my idea.


I wished to take them out for a beer.


Kroeger had written me a little while back saying that there was a place where we all could go where the temperature would be consistent to what the family was already used to so we could easily transition them into the woods surrounding the town and procure libations for them, all the while keeping them from distance of the Western world. I would ferry them all down to the igloo that I had already had built and we would arrive late at night so no one in the other world would be wiser to our whereabouts. I had asked Nanook if he would like to do this first, of course. With enough seal and meat already obtained for the coming months, he was pleased to get some sort of reprieve and was very curious about this "beer" that I kept talking about. Obviously, he had and has similar victuals around him up north but he was more interested in the different styles and, mainly, bubbles that I kept daydreaming about.


So we headed south.


Right away, the plan was going swimmingly. We settled in nicely in our "home away from home" and the family loved being amongst the trees and playing in the forest. The weather was very similar (as I'd hoped) to their coats so I left them and travelled into town to procure some of this beer that I had promised. Upon returning I found them all smiling and happily awaiting my arrival.


And then we started in a drinking.


Nanook, specifically, was floored. His first sip was of a bitter double IPA that I had called ahead about to a store I used to frequent. He wanted more.


So, after long deliberation and with hours of Nanook pleading, we decided that we should go into a town and have some more. He insisted that it would be no different than taking the kayak to the trading post. Again, after much more pleading, it was decided by all that we would all go into the town and search for a place that had such drinks. But, we left the cat in the igloo.


We made it to the town of Montpelier, Vermont and walked into a place by the name of the Three Penny Taproom.


I had seen Nanook happy before but this was a real treat for him as much as it was a bonding experience between us two. Having heard so much about my own love for these beers he was itching to try some for himself.


I believe, all in all, he had the following:


Hill Farmstead Abner: Nanook mentioned that this was his cup of tea, so to speak. A delicious Double IPA that the bartender said was made fairly locally and by a well-known Brewery.


Urban Farm Fermentory Dry Cidah [sic]: He has imbibed on similar things in his past due to this type of fruit fermentation but Nanook said that this is the best he'd had in quite some time.


Oxbow Farmhouse Pale Ale: This beer seemed to tickle his nose and was Nyla's favorite of the night. It was an American Pale Ale of sorts that was fermented with a Saison or Farmhouse Ale yeast. That gives the beer an earthy aspect that doesn't necessarily come with other ales yeasts but the hops were there, front and center.


And finally, the barkeep suggested that Nanook and the family end their nights with:


The Bruery Tradewinds: How fitting. This was a Belgian Style Tripel made with rice and Thai basil. Very interesting stuff. Deliciously interesting actually. The whole family (who were of age in this establishment) thoroughly enjoyed this one.



I could tell that Nanook had a certain glow about him and it was time to go. So, back on the sled we went to head back to the "home away from home."


The next morning we all awoke and made the long trek back to the North Country. Not before I went back to the store to grab us some more for when we got back home, though.


The whole family was extremely happy about our "field trip" and were very grateful about the experience.


I vowed to make it happen again.




Robert J Flaherty