I’m melting; seriously. I’m willing to bet that you are too. Times like these we are completely grateful for modern inventions like conditioned air and those towels that you soak in water that get SUPER cold for some reason (well, the reason is modern science – ahhhh, science). It’s the perfect time of year for dips in a lake, for convening with friends, laughter and for (you guessed correctly) a nice cool beer. It is true that we try and bring in the greatest beers available to quench that thirst but we also try to match these beers with what the weather is going to look like. We’ve paired beers with a whole host of different things in the past (heckfire, I’ve been known to pair beers with music) but the greatest pairing of all is when we can time a perfectly selected beer with a portion of your day (which, invariably, is affected by the weather). That said; he’s what we have in store for your day and those to follow:

Firstly, and foremostly, I wanted to tell you all about what happens every third Thursday of each month. You might know Kathleen Kanz. If you don’t then this will be your first time meeting her. She’s a fantastic comedian with a sharp wit and infectious intelligence AND, she has a good amount of likeminded friends in tow. She brings it all to the table THIS Thursday (since it is the third of the month) at 10 PM with the rest of those friends I told you about. It’s a belly laugh kind of thing. To celebrate we’re tapping a VERY SPECIAL CASK to pair with those jiggle moments. We secured a very rare offering from Rising Tide Brewing Company out of Portland Maine. We’ll be tapping their Entrepot, which is a Saison that’s brewed with Figs!!! Perfect for summer and perfect to laugh the night away!

As this weekend is the Vermont Brewer’s Festival I know some of you will be traveling through to go up to the event. For that, we give you this:

-          Founders Rubaeus: a wheat beer made with raspberries. Super good.

-          Hill Farmstead Florence: insanely good wheat saison from our friends up the hill. We haven’t had a saison from them in a while and it takes a minute to realize how good their saisons are.

-          Lawson’s Finest Double Sunshine: chin up. Take a breath.

-          Allagash Confluence (2011): another gem from
Maine. The first part of the fermentation of this dry hopped golden ale was done with farmhouse yeast and the second was done with our good buddy Brettanomyces.

-          Grassroots Brewing – Shadow Pictures of a Journey: a Double IPA brewed in collaboration between Amager Bryghus of Denmark and Shaun Hill of well, Hill Farmstead.

-          Zero Gravity Great Snipe: another home run from the town of Burling. Super great saison, perfect for this time of year. We secured as much as we could of this one so don’t hesitate to try it!

That’s about it for the Pre Script of this week’s blast! I hope you’re all well and I hope you’re keep cool you crazy cats. See you tomorrow (and tonight)!


Tee Pee Tee


Post Script:

I have some fantastic friends and I’m sure you do too. I’ve been extremely fortunate to align myself within the compounds of these fine people for the (hopefully) rest of my life. Some of my friends are making a film about, specifically, one of my friends. You see, my friend Zak Wieluns is running the Vermont 100 this weekend. For those who aren’t Ultrarunning geeks like me the Vermont 100 is a 100 mile footrace through the mountains of southern Vermont. It’s one of the last that’s actually still run alongside horses (which is how the 100 mile footrace (basically) started). This is his third attempt at what has become his white whale. Zak has run (and placed VERY well) in many Ultramarathons before but the finish line at this particular one has eluded him. I, personally, have been there for each attempt as his crew and pacer. The first time I ran with him from mile 70 until mile 92, when his body shut down and I had to pull him from the race. I must admit that it was one of the greatest (in scope) experiences of my life. My best friend was 8 miles from the finish line and all I wanted to do was carry him the rest of the way (literally carry him and no, I couldn’t; that would have disqualified him). The next year a cyst exploded in his knee at mile 45 and he had to withdraw again. This year will be his third attempt and he is more prepared that I have ever seen him. He’s at animal stage right now. That said, the other part of my compound is actually making a documentary featuring Zak as he prepares and runs this 100 mile journey. They’ve been very hard at work travelling and shooting footage to make this story come true. You see, Zak is just like you and me. Except; he has donated a huge portion of his time and energy to complete a goal. That’s where I’m hoping that you come in to play. We’ve set up a Kickstarter Campaign to raise money for our goal to help him with his. Please take the time to watch the trailer and if you can, please give whatever you can to make our dream a reality. I hesitated to use this forum to discuss this because it’s not about beer (although we will be imbibing with some that Zak brought back from a brewpub in Slovakia that I’m psyched to try –
at the finish line) but what it is about is an everyday human, a gentleman, someone who could be sitting next to you enjoying a pint the next time you’re in a public setting. That man is running 100 miles on Saturday. We need your help to get that man’s story out there. And, I promise, when the film is completed, we’ll show it here and I’ll pair it with beer. Thank you. You can find the details right here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/271376033/100-head-heart-feet-a-documentary-film