A little something something about the beers that you will see for this week’s Montbeerlier: we try and keep things “kind of” hidden from sight before unveiling our hand on the actual day (May 6th – that’s THIS Saturday!) but it’s always nice to let you see a little behind the curtain so, well, that’s what I’m going to do right now to further entice you to come celebrate with us.


These are just some of the beers that we’ll be pouring INSIDE this weekend. Keep in mind, we’ll have plenty of “to do” outside as well but this will give you a good indicator as to what this is all about:


Firstly, we’ve established a tradition around these parts of supply you with a vertical of Founder’s KBS every year and this year is no different. We will have the 2016 and 2017 version on tap at once.


Since someone likes doing things in twos we will also have TWO Drafts from the Alchemist, which is a brewery you may or may not have heard of yet. It’s a secret even to me which beers we will have on tap until they show up (11 AM Saturday Morning) but, well, we’ll have two drafts from them and that’s always unheard of so we’re going with the fact that that’ll be special and you’ll agree.


We’ll have something upwards to 8 or 9 Hill Farmstead Drafts as well, which isn’t too uncommon for us to have BUT, it’s also hard to find Arthur/Florence/Anna/Nordic Saison on all at once, just for you, if you can keep a secret. That is, if you can’t, everyone else can enjoy them as well.


Another teaser should be the fact that we will also have Lawson’s Finest DOUBLE SUNSHINE on tap.


Have you heard of it?



Well, folks, there’s lots to do leading up to the big day so I’m just going to leave that there and walk into the other room so I can wash my hands.